Free Crochet Doily Patterns

A doily is an ornamental mat usually made of cotton or linen thread, often crocheted. Openwork allows the underlying surface to show through. In addition to their decorative function, doilies have the utilitarian role of protecting fine-wood furniture from the scratches caused by crockery or decorative objects.

Many crochet doily patterns were published by thread manufacturers in the first part of the 20th century. The designs are typically circular or oval starting from the center and worked outward. Doilies as well as other household items may also be made by crocheting rows on a grid pattern using a technique called filet crochet. Here you'll find a happy blending of old and new crochet doily patterns. You'll find all your old favorites, delicate lacy doilies for every purpose under the well as a lovely-to-look-at-delightful-to-own collection of handsome modern luncheon sets bound to make memorable table talk.

Sea Spray Doily pattern
Pansy Patch Doily pattern
Pineapple Nosegay Doily pattern
Tulip Garden Doily pattern
Star of India Doily pattern
doily pattern
Pineapple Doily pattern
Sundial Doily pattern
Kings Ransom Doily pattern
Rose of Sharon Doily pattern
Sweetheart Corsage Doily pattern
Rising Sun Doily Pattern
Trianon Doily pattern
Touch and Go Doily pattern
Bread Tray Doily pattern
Bread Tray Doily pattern
bread tray doily pattern
Bread Tray Doily pattern 7772
Star Wheel Doily pattern
Ripple Doily pattern
Minuet Doily pattern
Occasional Doily pattern
Venetian Doily Pattern
Nosegay Doily pattern
Rose Whirl Doily pattern
Ice Cream Doily pattern
Occasional Doily pattern
Flower Tile Doily pattern
Arden Doily pattern
Prelude Doily pattern
Melody Doily pattern
Irish Crochet Doily pattern
Whirlwind Doily pattern
Chain Table Mat pattern
Table Mat pattern
Caprice Doily pattern
Rose Bowl Doily pattern
Jewel Doily pattern
doily pattern
Kingfishers Nest Doily pattern
Doily with Cluny Crochet pattern
Doily with Edge in Contrasting Color pattern
Occasional Filet Doily pattern
Occasional Filet Doily pattern
Pedigree Doily pattern
Shell and Knot Stitch Doily pattern
Sunburst Doily pattern
Cloverleaf Doily pattern
Pineapple Points Doily pattern
Spiders Web Doily pattern
Pine Cone Doily Pattern
Spider Web Doily Set pattern
Cornfield Doily pattern
tatted doily
Palm Fronds Doily pattern
Pineapple Scroll Doily
Doily with Crochet in Three Colors pattern
Shooting Star Doily pattern
Sundial Doily pattern
Pineapple Trellis Doily pattern
Doily pattern 7778
Flowering Pine Doily pattern
Doily pattern 7773
Thistledown Doily pattern
Flower Patch Doily pattern
Ruffle Cascade Doily pattern
Pineapple Posy Doily pattern
Wish on a Star Doily pattern
Thistledown Doily pattern
Square Doily with Crochet Inset pattern
Pineapple Web Doily pattern
Pineapple Petals Doily pattern
Pineapple Wheel Doilly pattern
Doily pattern 7768
frilly doily
Night Table Doily pattern 7767
Rosy Future Doily pattern
Square Centerpiece pattern 7776
Centerpiece pattern 7768
Six Pointed Doily pattern 7769
Bridge Crossing Doily pattern
White Sapphire Doily pattern
Ring of Roses Doily pattern
Centerpiece pattern 7771
Peach and White Doily pattern
Fan Doilies pattern
Snowflake Doily pattern
rambler rose doily pattern
Setting Sun Doily pattern
Lace Doily pattern
Doily with Two Colored Mesh Edging pattern
Linen Center with Crocheted Edge pattern
Pineapple Whirl Doily pattern
scalloped circles doily pattern
ruffles and forget me nots centerpiece pattern
Grape Arbor Doily pattern
Sea Spray Doily pattern
Northern Lights Doily pattern
round doily
green and pink doily pattern
flower bouquet doily
diamond setting doily pattern
mesh doily pattern
Irish Crochet Doily pattern
Manor House Doily pattern
pansy doily pattern
rose doily pattern
lady fair doily p attern
straw doily pattern
peppermint stick refreshment set pattern
shell stitch doily pattern
daisy ring doily pattern
rose circle doily pattern
sailing sailing doily pattern
sea froth doily pattern
picot doily pattern
extravaganza doily pattern
pansies refreshment set pattern
palm trees refreshment set pattern
ruffled pondlily doily pattern
beverage set
jiffy doily pattern
cluster stitch doily pattern
doily pattern
oval pineapple doily pattern
flowers doily pattern
motif center doily pattern
wild rose scallops doily pattern
spider web doily pattern
doily pattern
Pineapple Buffet Set No. 7858
grape doily
doily covers pattern
pineapple doily pattern
pansy doily luncheon set
round doily
shooting star doily pattern
Pineapple Night Table Doily No. 7868
doily mats pattern
Pineapple Leaves Tray Mat & Napkin Edging
large doily pattern
windmill doily
star center doily pattern
Pineapple Foam Runner & Doily
lily of the valley doily pattern
Pineapple Centerpiece
Pineapple Night Table Doily No. 7854
Pineapple Oval Doily
rose ruffle doily
daisy web doily pattern
gold glory doily pattern
pert ruffle doily pattern
pink petal doily pattern
pineapples large and small doily patterns
double pansy doily pattern
five point star doily
viola cornuta doily pattern
sparkling jewel doily
fern leaf doily pattern
flower cartwheel doily pattern
floral temptation doily pattern
blue aster doily
sweet william doily pattern
oval doily pattern
coreopsis doily pattern
tulip varieties doily pattern
spider web doily
ferris wheel doily
blue bell doily
fiesta doily
petunias doily pattern
pink clover doily
black eyed susan doily
cameo girl doily
spider web doily
wild rose doily
daffodil doily
ruffle doily
crocheted basket
butterfly doily
violet doily
holly wreath doily
crooked ladder doily
basic center doily 1
basic center doily 2