Women's Crocheted Slippers Pattern

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Women's Crocheted Slippers Pattern

Directions are given for Small Size. Changes for Medium and Large Sizes are in parentheses.

COATS & CLARK'S "RED HEART" KNITTING WORSTED, 4 Ply ("Tangle-Proof" Pull-Out Skeins): 3 (4, 4) ozs. of No. 759 Deep Rose.

Crochet Hook Size E.

GAUGE: 5 sts = 1 inch; 5 rows = 1 inch.

UPPER … Starting at toe end, ch 20. 1st row: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 8 ch, 3 sc in next ch for center (2 sc increased), sc in next 9 ch. Ch 1, turn. NOTE: Pick up back loop only through­out. 2nd row (right side): Draw up a loop in each of next 2 sc, yarn over and draw through all loops on hook (1 sc dec), sc in each sc, making 3 sc in center sc of the 3-sc group and decreasing 1 sc at end of row. Ch 1, turn. 3rd row: Sc in each sc, increasing 2 sc in center sc. Ch 1, turn. Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows alternately un­til 18 (21, 24) rows have been completed. There are 37 (41, 43) sts on last row.

Side Shaping: 1st row: Dec first sc (lower edge), sc in next 8 sc, 2 sc in next sc—11 sc. Ch 1, turn. 2nd row: Sc in each sc across. Ch 1, turn. Repeat last 2 rows alternately until 18 rows of side have been completed. Break off and fasten. With wrong side facing, skip 15 (19, 21) sc on last row for instep, attach yarn to next sc, make 2 sc in same sc, sc in next 8 sc, dec 1 sc (lower edge)—11 sc. Ch 1, turn. Continue to work to correspond with opposite side. With right side facing, sc closely along upper edge of one side and continue along the upper edge of other side (sides are joined at center back). Break off and fasten.

Bow: Make a chain 12 inches long and knot at each end. Tie in a bow and sew to back joining.

POMPON (make 3) … Wind yarn 50 times around 2 fingers. Slip from fingers and tie strands securely together at center with another 4-inch strand. Cut loops at each end and trim. Sew to front as shown.

SOLE … Starting at back ch 8. 1st row: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in next 2 ch, 3 sc in next ch, sc in next 3 ch-9 sc. Ch 1, turn. Next 4 rows: Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows of Upper alternately—13 sc. Next 11 (14, 17) rows: Repeat 2nd row. Next 10 rows: Repeat 3rd and 2nd rows alternately—23 sc on last row. Now re­peat 2nd row until 32 (35, 38) rows in all have been completed. Break off and fasten. Leaving 11 center sc free on last row of sole and the first 6 rows free at heel end, sew sole to Upper.