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Crocheting for children means thinking about the child with every stitch and giving an item that is filled with love, warmth, and positive thoughts. All of the clothing that you'll make from these baby patterns, including outfits for older children, are sure to become favorites: clothes that will be worn, cherished, and saved long after they've been outgrown. There is something for crocheters of every skill level in this collection of baby patterns.

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Baby talk about crochet! Mommies and grandmas alike can find just the right Crochet Baby Pattern to make something special for the loved ones in their lives. The available Crochet Baby Patterns include baby sets, sweaters, bathrobes, swimwear and toys to crochet for your children or grandchildren!

Jacket and Cap Pattern
Sacque pattern
Sacque pattern
Sacque and Cap pattern
Sacque pattern
Sacque pattern
sacque pattern
Crocheted Creeper pattern
Wrap Around pattern
Crocheted Creeper pattern
Crocheted Pullover pattern 598
baby sacque pattern
wave stitch sacque pattern
baby cardigan pattern
sacque kimono and bootees pattern
baby sweater pattern
infants coat and bonnet pattern
baby sweater pattern
infants cluster stitch jacket and bonnet pattern
infants crocheted sacque and bootees pattern
infant kimono pattern
little stranger infant sacque
infants jacket pattern
legging pattern
night night bathrobe pattern
crocheted jacket and cap pattern
crocheted nightie pattern
baby sacque pattern