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Cozy Scarves To Gift - 9 Easy Designs By Margret Willson

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Ever wished you could crochet something special for everyone you know? This collection of Crochet Scarf Patterns offers a wide variety of textures and styles, so you can share a gift of handmade warmth with anyone of any age. Give a rainbow-hued scarf to a girl who enjoys the limelight. Crochet a striped scarf with your favorite yarn for a man or a woman. Or fashion a super-fluffy creation for a woman who appreciates a little pampering. With these scarf pattern designs, you have the perfect gift idea for everyone on your gift list!

Bow Knot Scarf Pattern
Snowball Winter Accessories Pattern
Glengarry Scarf & Hat Set Pattern
French Scarf pattern
Tyrolean Scarf pattern
Cross Stitch Scarf pattern
Scarf Collar pattern
nubia scarf
all occasion scarf
crochet beret and scarf pattern
Fishnet Scarf pattern
Triangular Chain Mesh Scarf pattern
Colorful Scarf pattern
Sport Scarf pattern
The Kerchief pattern
Russian Turban, Scarf and Bag Ensemble pattern
Double Triangle Scarf pattern
crocheted shell stitch scarf
sun ray scarf pattern
Knot Stitch Scarf pattern
crochet beret and scarf pattern

Crochet Scarf Patterns: Why You Should Create Your Own and Where You Can Find The Patterns To Help You Get Started

Crocheting can be such a satisfying, valuable craft. After all, you can design all kinds of clothing and accessories for you, your family, your friends and anyone else you decide. Some things that you can make include:

- Hats
- Scarves
- Socks

If you decide that you would like to give gifts to your friends and loved ones, why not a handmade crochet scarf?


Why You Should Consider Giving Away Scarfs For Gifts

A scarf can complete a woman’s outfit, being worn either her head or around her neck. It’s useful for several reasons:

- Keep her warm in the colder months
- Covers and cleans her hair
- Wonderful fashion accessory

A simple scarf can be quite amazing especially by those who decide to manufacture it. In fact, some countries rely on the commerce of crocheted and knitted scarves.

With that in mind and the desire for many women to own one – perhaps even yourself – it wouldn’t be a bad idea to create your own. This allows you to give it some personal touch and details that are all your own. You can use whatever color you’d like and it can be as long as you’d like. There is so much freedom to creating your own scarf.

Want to create your own but don’t know how? Don’t fret!


How Crocheting Was Introduced To Society: Why You Should Learn It

There is a proliferation of theories when it comes to the history of this craft. Some folks believe that crocheting was done with fingers. Others claim it’s the work of nuns. Some folks have claimed it is part of the South American rituals. Speculations will be ongoing; it’s very unlikely that the origin of crocheting will ever be determined.

It’s important to note that crocheting, during the 1600s, was a status symbol. High society women were the only folks who shared the crocheting skill… at least until the 1800s when the craft was available to the general population.

Since that time, crocheting has made its way into many families and households. It’s not uncommon to find a woman crocheting something for her home. Older women tend to pass the skill to the younger generation.

Some folks think that crocheting is just for older folks or the old woman with lots of cats. This assumption of the craft is no longer true. People of any age and from anywhere can learn how to crochet.

Another wonderful think about the hobby is that it’s pretty cheap to do. And, you don’t spend time doing something tedious. You just need time and the basic materials to begin it.


How To Crochet: What Tools You Need To Begin This Craft Yourself

Before you begin crocheting, you must have the right tools to help you out. You’ll need:

- Pattern
- Yarn
- Crochet hook

There is some general information you need to know about how to crochet a scarf:

1 – Every crochet design you want to make begins with a chain of stitches and slip stitch. You must learn this first above everything else. Of course, you still need to learn the different stitches and crochet.
2 – Enroll in a craft class to learn about crocheting. If someone you know still crochets, consider asking them to teach you.
3 – Learn the crochet lingo. You need to be familiar with the terms that crocheting uses along with any legends and symbols. This is highly important for your designs and patterns.
4 – Get the pattern of the item you want to make such as a crochet scarf.


Where You Can Get Amazing Crochet Scarf Patterns

1 – Craft Stores

The first place you can check out are your local craft stores. But, keep in mind, that they generally have a limited supply in the products they stock.

2 – Internet

The World Wide Web is the best place to go to find crochet ruffle scarf patterns. After all, it’s got thousands of choices you can go through. And, some websites provide instructions book with patterns that you can order and have sent to your home.

You also have the option of getting e-books, which is one of the best options because you’ll get the pattern in a matter of minutes instead of days. This option is also convenient because you just need to print out the pattern and begin crocheting.

If you’re searching the ‘Net for patterns, consider looking at patterns that you can get for free. Just go to your favorite search engine and type in “free crochet scarf patterns”. What you’ll get is a large number of websites. Just click on each link you have an interest in and find the patterns you like the best.

Forums and discussion groups can help you to meet other folks who love to crochet. You can make friends this way and share tips and patterns with one another.

Are you ready to being making a crochet scarf? Grab your supplies and get busy!