Afghan Patterns

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Everyone can explore the fun of making crochet afghan patterns! You can make baby blankets, throws, lapghans or full size afghans - whatever your heart desires and your imagination can dream up. Surveys show that crocheters make more afghans than any other type of crochet pattern and everyone knows that you make far more projects to give away than you keep. So it’s natural for to keep looking for great new crochet afghan patterns to make so you can them give to your favorite charities, the loved ones in your life, or to celebrate an important event. You will love these innovative designs.

Charleston Afghan Pattern
Portland Afghan Pattern
Pin Wheel Afghan Pattern
Rainbow Afghan Pattern
Victoria Afghan Pattern
Log Cabin Afghan Pattern
Rickrack Afghan Pattern
Salem Afghan Pattern
Mount Vernon Afghan Pattern
Henry Clay Wheel Afghan Pattern
Pompon Posy Afghan Pattern
Cottage Garden Afghan Pattern
Sugar 'n' Spice Afghan Pattern
Mexicana Afghan Pattern
Rosebud Ring Afghan Pattern
Symphony Afghan Pattern
Fleetwood Afghan Pattern
Carnival Granny Afghan Pattern
Pennant Afghan Pattern
Trophy Afghan Pattern
Green Pastures Afghan Pattern
Palette Afghan Pattern
Moderne Afghan Pattern
Caprice Afghan Pattern
Victoriana Afghan Pattern
Cartwheel Afghan pattern
cottage garden afghan pattern
granada afghan pattern
Morning Glory Afghan and Pillow Pattern
Calico Afghan Pattern
Flower Fingers Afghan pattern
Flagstone Afghan pattern
cockleshells afghan pattern
maltese cross afghan
hopscotch afghan pattern
Tartan Afghan and Pillow Pattern
Clover Patch Afghan pattern
rippling river afghan pattern
diamond weave afghan pattern
candy cane afghan
shaded stripes afghan
mardi gras afghan
How Does Your Garden Grow Afghan pattern
bed of roses afghan pattern
polka dot afghan
chevron afghan
jacobs ladder afghan
tally ho afghan pattern
navajo afghan
rose afghan
afghan pattern
blue diamond afghan
pennsylvania dutch afghan
chevron afghan pattern
granny afghan pattern
turkish delight afghan pattern
sheridan square afghan pattern
peacock afghan
honeycomb afghan
checkmate afghan
fireside formality afghan pattern
shaded chevron afghan
bjg colorful throw and pillows
patchwork afghan
granny afghan pattern
modern mood afghan pattern
royal splendour afghan pattern
flower fountain afghan pattern
granny afghan
ripple afghan and pillow pattern
lazy daisy afghan
ramsay tartan afghan pattern
roses in bloom afghan pattern
the eagle afghan pattern
durbar afghan pattern
woven scotch plaid afghan
tulip garden afghan
ancestral favorite afghan pattern
flower garden afghan pattern
mesh diamond afghan pattern
concord afghan pattern
golden grain afghan
afghan pattern style 3791
victoriana rose wreath afghan
heritage afghan pattern
empire afghan pattern
sea foam afghan
two tone block afghan
ripple afghan and pillow
victorian afghan
pine tree afghan pattern
black and white afghan and rug patterns
windmill afghan
palette afghan
chevron afghan
embroidered afghan
rose afghan pattern
wild berries afghan
mexicana afghan
queen of hearts afghan
shawl afghan
wigwam afghan
afghan pattern style 3792
flower afghan
indian stripe afghan
square dance afghan
vine and trellis afghan
afghan pattern style 3789
harlequin afghan
granny afghan
crocheted fan afghan
two toned reversible afghan
Charleston Garden Afghan
afghan pattern style 3787
marie antoinette afghan
lancaster afghan
autumn glow afghan
americana afghan
afghan pattern style 3785
afghan pattern style 3786
pine tree afghan
siesta afghan
mexicana afghan
colony afghan
empire afghan
durbar afghan
shaded diamond afghan
autumn chevron afghan
old versailles afghan
cape cod afghan
persian print afghan
colonial charm afghan
california ranch afghan
french poodles crochet afghan
puff stitch afghan
chinese screen afghan
highland home afghan
flower garden afghan
black afghan with roses
jamaica ginger afghan
grannys heirloom afghan
herringbone afghan
crocheted ripple afghan
crocheted striped afghan
crocheted zig zag afghan
flower and fruit afghan
star shell afghan
patchwork afghan
large check afghan
daisy afghan
fleur de lis afghan
roman stripe afghan
old granny afghan
shell stitch afghan
sea shell afghan
modern leaf afghan
hi fi companions afghan
highlander afghan
loop stitch motif afghan
pin wheel afghan
modern mt vernon square afghan
modern mt vernon triangle afghan
modern mt vernon floral afghan
star stitch afghan
two tone afghan
rose trellis afghan
Criss Cross Afghan pattern
Harlequin Afghan pattern


Crochet Afghan Patterns Are Great Christmas and Birthday Gifts For Those Someone Specials

Both novice and advance crochet crafters find that the crochet afghan cover patterns are rather enjoyable to do. And, it’s also a great gift to give friends and family for the holidays or birthdays. After all, a crochet afghan wrap, blanket or shawl can keep one warm during those chilly nights.

Afghan originated from the textiles that were produced in the country of Afghanistan, as they were similar to the wraps and shawls used in that region.

Now, you can use crochet afghan covers in several ways. And, there are also a number of crochet patterns that can be used for these afghan blanket covers. You can use them as a mattress cover for your bed, a comforter or bedspread. Bear in mind that you need to pick the right pattern that’ll fit your project’s size.

Again, afghans are wonderful birthday and Christmas gifts. After all, you can incorporate motifs into your design. For instance, a snowflake-designed afghan can be used on cold nights and a personalized afghan baby blanket can be passed down from one generation to the next.


How To Make An Afghan From A Crochet Pattern

It’s not that difficult to make an afghan using the crochet patterns. There are hundreds of afghan blanket patterns that you can use, whether you use them yourself or want to hand out for gifts. Now, simple afghan covers can have a centralized theme. For instance, it may have the national flag or a floral design on it.

Some popular crochet afghan cover patterns may have a stained glass design or a set of patterns. The afghan crochet pattern could be included in a collection that has coffee table doily or crocheted pillowcases patterns. Another worthwhile afghan cover pattern for both novices and advanced crocheters includes a stripe design.

Designing an afghan from the crochet patterns could be a great tradition that mothers can teach to their daughters. Of course, you don’t have to pay for your afghan cover pattern. Rather, you can find a free but certainly fun pattern. And, if both women don’t know how to crochet, an easy afghan crochet pattern can teach them how to do so… at the same time! Once they’re done, they can give the completed product to their family and friends or keep it for themselves.

Mothers and grandmothers would be delighted to receive a handcrafted afghan cover designed by a young girl. When choosing the pattern, it’s important to pick the color scheme and design that would fit the recipient’s personality. You’ll need to consider the yarn weight as well since it affects the product’s weight.

Afghan blankets are often welcomed in nursing and retirement homes, as the elderly tend to cherish the effort persons made into making them. Best of all, they’ll enjoy the warmth the afghan brings to them.

Creating an afghan can be a great project for any person who wants to know how to crochet. After all, they’re easy to design and a wonderful way to learn the basics of crochet stitching. Best of all, they make great keepsakes and gifts for years to come!


Thousands Of Free Easy or Complicated Crochet Afghan Patterns For Your Taste and Skill Level To Choose From

Whether you’re creating an afghan for yourself or to give as a present, free crochet afghan patterns are the way to help you do it. And, depending on what your taste it, the patterns can be simple or complex.

You can choose to use an easy crochet afghan pattern that uses several granny squares to create and form an entire blanket. Complex crochet afghan patterns tend to have geometric shapes that show off the advanced crochet stitches.

There are a number of resources that offer free crochet afghan patterns such as crafting websites, crocheting magazines and craft books. All patterns have in-depth instructions that state what kind of yarn and hook you need to use for your project. They’ll also include tips that can assist you on knowing what each yarn is.

These patterns can also spur ideas in crafters to make their own design. Bear in mind that each pattern can be altered to suit your project’s purpose. Crocheters should think creatively and not feel stifled by the pattern’s instructions. It’s very important you rely on your personal judgment to boost the project’s appearance.