Rose Afghan | Number 742-1

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Approximate Size: 47" x 69"


Columbia-Minerva Knitting Worsted (4 oz skein) - 13 skeins of Main Color (MC) - Winter White #5012 OR Nantuk 4 ply Knitting Yarn (Knitting Worsted size - 2 or 4 oz skein) - 32 ounces of Main Color - Winter White #5224 AND 4 ozs in each of the following colors for cross stitch embroidery.


4 ply
Light Rose
Medium Rose
Dark Rose
Light Green
Dark Green

1 "Boye" Afghan Crochet Hook "J" (Size 9), 1 Steel Crochet Hook Size 00 and 1 "Hiawatha" blunt end tapestry needle
Crochet Chart 1
Crochet Chart 2

Gauge: 4 sts to 1 inch; 7 rows to 2 inches

AFGHAN STITCH: Row 1-Draw up a loop in each ch, leaving all loops on hook, then take off loops as follows: yo hook and through 1 loop, *yo hook and through 2 loops, repeat from * across row, ending with 1 loop on hook. Row 2-Counting loop on hook as 1st st, draw up a loop in each upright st across row to within last st, insert hook through center of last st (to keep work from going on the diagonal). Take off loops as in Row 1. Repeat Row 2 for pat.

SIDE PANELS: (Make 2) - With "J" hook ch 45. Work in Afghan St (45 sts) for 231 rows. Sl st across row. Break yarn and fasten.

CENTER PANEL: With "J" hook ch 56. Work in Afghan St (56 sts) for 231 rows. Sl st across row. Break yarn and fasten.

TO EMBROIDER PANELS: Following charts, embroider designs in cross st, working 1 cross st over 1 Afghan St. Work the large rose cluster on center panel from Chart No. 1, starting design on 86th row from start and in 5th st from right edge. Work a single rose at each end of center panel from Chart No. 2, 29 rows from center rose cluster. Embroider 5 single roses from Chart No. 2 on each side panel, reversing design and having 20 rows between. Start first rose in 12th row from start.

INSERTION: Work insertion at inside edge of the 2 side panels as follows: With Size 00 hook, on right side of work, attach MC at inside edge of a side panel at right corner.

Row 1-Ch 3, draw up a ½ inch loop in first st, *yo, draw up a ½ inch loop, repeat from * 2 times more (7 loops on hook, yo and through 6 loops, yo and through 2 loops (cluster), ch 1, skip 1 st, repeat from * to end of row, ending cluster in last st, ch 3, turn. Rows 2 and 3-Repeat from * of Row 1, working a cluster in each space of previous row, ending cluster before turning ch, ch 3, turn. Sew to center panel.

BORDER: Work border around entire Afghan same as for insertion, with ch 3 to turn.

TASSELS: (Make 4) - Cut 1 4 oz skein or 2 2 oz skeins at one end. Separate into 4 equal parts. Fold yarn in half and tie at folded end. Tie again 1 ½ inches below for head, winding yarn around all strands 10 times. Sew 1 tassel to each corner of Afghan.

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