Free Belt Patterns

A belt is a flexible band, typically made of leather or heavy cloth, and worn around the waist. A belt supports trousers or other articles of clothing, and it serves for style and decoration. These belt patterns are fun ways to accessorize your wardrobe! Try one of these belt patterns today.

Tassel Belt
Bag and Belt Set
Collar and Belt Set
Ensemble Collar and Belt pattern
Braided String Belt
belt pattern
Cord Belt pattern
Acorn Belt and Pocket Set pattern
Clusterette Belt pattern
Braided Belt pattern
Afghan Belt pattern
Barette Stitch Belt pattern
glitter collar belt and bag set pattern
belt pattern 2252
belt pattern 2257
sport belt pattern
belt pattern
belt pattern
Shell Belt pattern
ring motif belt
suspenders pattern
motif bag and belt pattern
hairpin lace belt pattern
belt pattern
bib n tucker collar and belt
belt pattern
Pearl Belt pattern
headband or belt
ring necklace bracelet adn belt
cinch belt
straw pixie belt
waist cinch belt pattern