Shawl Patterns

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Shawls are used in order to keep warm, to complement a costume, and for symbolic reasons. Shawls are worn for added warmth at outdoor or indoor evening affairs where the temperature is warm enough for men in wool suits but not for women in dresses and where a jacket might be inappropriate. We have collected a beautiful group of crochet shawl patterns for you to crochet or make with hairpin lace. It's a collection for daytime and evening wear in easy, crochet and hairpin lace stitches. Mix your colors or match the crochet shawl patterns.



hairpin lace stole pattern
riviera shawl pattern
metropolitan shawl pattern
waltz shawl pattern
esplanade shawl pattern
illusion shawl pattern
gold coast shawl pattern
hairpin lace stole pattern
dressy stole with metallic thread pattern



stole of daisies pattern
woven ribbon and festive stole pattern



Fishnet Evening Cape pattern
Childs Stole pattern
Capelet pattern
Crocheted Cape pattern
Lovers Knot Shawl pattern
White Crocheted Shawl pattern
crocheted stole pattern
crocheted ribbon stole
square shawl
castanet shawl pattern
evensong shawl pattern
marguerite shawl pattern
crochet triangle shawl pattern
crocheted stole pattern
crocheted cape stole
cuff n pocket stole
cotillion shawl pattern
opera shawl pattern
turnabout apron cape
stole pattern
The Shortie Cape pattern
sparkling ermine shawl pattern
concerto shawl pattern
fantasy shawl pattern
spell binder shawl pattern
Nubia pattern
peachtree street shawl pattern
Yoke Cape pattern
Square Shawl pattern