Cuff 'n Pocket Stole

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(Size 17” x 79”)

MATERIALS: 10 Skeins Kentucky All Purpose Yarn No. 301 (Kentucky All Purpose "decorative" Metallic Yarn, No. 103, may also be used)—Crochet Hook No. 00

NOTE: To make longer or shorter, inc or dec in Lacy Stitch section of stole

LACY STITCH: Row 1: Ch. 2, sc back into first ch. Draw loop out on hook about ½". Draw thread through, making a ch st of it. Put hook btw loop and single thread of this ch st and make a sc. Make another knot st the same way and continue to end of row. Make 26 knot sts, ch 1, turn. Row 2: Sc back into last knot. Work like Row 1, but after each knot st make one sc st into knot of previous row. Continue in pattern for whole length of lacy part of stole—about 54". PANEL FOR OPEN END OF STOLE: Row 1: Sc 1 into each knot, sc 2 into each drawn up loop st. Make a total of 80 sc sts. Row 2: Sc into each sc but work into back loop only. Continue in patt for 6" (about 32-34 rows). Break thread, attach to opposite side of stole. CUFF: Row 1: Sc into each knot st. Make 26 sc sts altogether. Row 2: Sc into each sc of previous row but work into back loop only. Work 15 rows, then break off. FINISHING: Fold cuff on wrong side of stole and crochet together with sc sts. To form sleeve, continue to crochet above cuff for 16-17". POCKET: Ch 30 sts. Work in patt as end of stole. Work 45 rows. Turn to wider side of pocket, finish with 4 rows as follows: Row 1: Sc along this side. Row 2: Ch 2, dc 1, to end of row. Rows 3-4: Sc into each st. Crochet two 25"-long strings with double thread (ch only). Attach one string to each end of pocket. Draw through holes of dc and tie bow at middle of pocket. Attach pocket to middle of end panel of stole by sewing it on from wrong side. Knot loose ends of strings into small balls.

Other great patterns from New Designs for Every Purpose, Book No. 3.

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