The Williamsburg Rug Pattern

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(Size 25” x 25”)

MATERIALS: 11 Skeins Kentucky Soft Spun Yarn, No. 113: 5 Royal Blue, 3 Colonial Blue, 3 Ivory (or white)

Crochet Hook Size H

With Colonial Blue: Ch 6, join to form ring, ch 3. To form cluster: Yo hook, make a loose ½" loop through ring, yo, another ½" loop through ring, yo, loop through ring, yo and pull yarn through loops. Ch 1. * This completes a cluster. Repeat from * to * 5 times (6 clusters around ring). Join. Rnd 2: One sl st on top st of a center cluster, ch 1 and pull yarn tight, make a loose loop. Form one cluster on top of each of 6 cen­ter clusters, and 2 clusters in each open space btw the 6 center clusters (18 clusters). Join. Rnd 3: One sl st in open space (btw clusters), ch 1, one loose loop, form 1 cluster as above. Repeat 1 cluster in next (2d) open space, form 2 clusters in 3d open space. Repeat, forming 2 clusters in every 3d open space to complete rnd. Join. Rnd 4: One sl st in open space, ch 1, a loose loop, repeating formation of clusters, forming 2 clus­ters in every 4th open space. Complete rnd, join. Rnd 5: Repeat as above, increasing (2 clusters) in every 5th open space. Rnd 6: Repeat as above, increasing in every 6th open space. Rnd 7: Change to White btw the 2 clusters at "increasing" point. Ch 1, one loose st, form 2 clusters in this open space, form one cluster in each of the open spaces and increase in 7th open space. Continue around in this manner. Join. Rnd 8: Repeat, inc in every 8th open space and continue around. Join. Rnd 9: Change to Royal Blue for 4 rnds, and inc progressively in same manner for a total of 24 rnds, making color changes and following patt illus­trated. EDGING: Continuing with Royal Blue, 2 sc in each open space, continue around rug. Join, break thread. Change to White, 1 sc around, picking up only back loop of each st. Join, cut thread. Change to Royal Blue, 1 sc around, inc at each corner, picking up only back loop of each st. Join, cut thread, and finish.

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