Scarf Pattern

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MATERIAL-16 skeins Woolco Shetland Floss. No. 3 ½ Woolco hook.

Make a chain of 70 stitches.

1ST ROW-Make a chain of 3 stitches; in each of next three stitches, make a treble (this makes 4 trebles, counting 3 chains for each treble). In the 5th stitch, make a shell of 4 trebles, with 1 chain in the center of the shell. In the next 4 chains, 4 trebles; then a shell; then 4 trebles; then a shell – all the way across, ending with 4 trebles.

In the next row, as in the 1st, chain 3; make a treble, working the treble, however, around those in the former row; make a shell of 4 in the center of the shell of former row, and repeat to the end of row.

Work back and forth until there are 65 rows.

Finish with a long fringe.