Ruff-Neck Sweater Pattern

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MATERIAL-24 skeins Woolco Knitting Worsted. No. 4 Woolco hook. 9 buttons, 9 fasteners.

Chain 86. 1 row single crochet.

2D ROW-*1 single crochet, taking both loops, 1 single crochet, taking back loop. * End row by taking both loops.

3D ROW-* 1 single crochet, taking both loops, 1 single crochet, taking front loop. *

Repeat 2d and 3d rows throughout.

30 inches even. Work 58 stitches, turn; work 31 stitches. 5 rows even. Increase 1 at beginning of each row until there are 59 stitches. 15 rows even. Then decrease back to 31. 5 rows even. Fold this extension in center and sew down. Now pick up stitches along the sloping edges (crocheting the edges together) and along the shoulder. There are 61 stitches. 5 rows even. Decrease 1 every 4 rows until there are 51 stitches. Then even until front is same length as back. Go back and pick up stitches at other shoulder, and work other front in same way.

SLEEVE-Chain 84. Decrease 1 each side every 5 rows 15 times. 5 rows even. Then work cuff very tight with single crochet. Place seam of sleeve to seam of sweater. Make a row of single crochet down each front. Turn hem of 2 inches on bottom.