Cap Pattern

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MATERIAL-3 skeins of color Woolco Germantown Zephyr. No. 4 Woolco hook. 4 button moulds.

Chain 101 stitches, join. Chain 1 at end of every round.

1ST ROW-*1 single crochet, 1 double crochet in every other stitch. *

2D ROW-Same as 1st, making the 2 stitches in each single crochet.

Repeat 2d row until band measures 3 inches.

1 row double crochet.

1 row of half double crochet. *Wrap, take up both loops, wrap, take off 3 loops. *

From now on use half double crochet.

In next row *work 24 stitches, in next stitch make 4 stitches. * Repeat across row.

Make 5 more rows, placing 4 stitches in center of 4 in row below.

Decrease 2 stitches every corner until there are 4 stitches; draw these together and fasten off.

MOULDS-Chain 3; join. Make 6 single crochet in ring.

2D ROW-2 stitches in each stitch.

Increase until cover is as large as mould. Then decrease 2 rows, insert mould and draw together. Turn up border, bring points down to border, sew a button on each point.