Nubia Pattern

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MATERIAL-6 skeins of Woolco Shetland Floss. No. 3 ½ Woolco hook.

Make a chain of 278 stitches; turn into the 4th stitch. Make 4 double crochet, and make 4 chain, catching back into the top of the 4th double crochet; make 3 more double crochet into the same stitch; make 1 single crochet into the 4th chain, and repeat to the end of row.

Make 4 more rows like above.

Next row, commencing at the top of the 6th shell, repeat the shells until within 6 shells from the end.

Now drop 1 shell on every row until there are but 2 shells on the row.

BORDER-Make a shell of 9 double crochet and 4 picots all around.