Child's Sweater Pattern

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MATERIAL-15 skeins Woolco Germantown Zephyr. No. 4 Woolco hook. 6 pearl buttons.

Half double crochet. Chain 91. 3 rows even.

4TH ROW-Increase 1 at beginning of row. 3 rows even.

8TH ROW-Increase 1 at beginning of row. 5 rows even. Then decrease 1 every row at neck 9 times. Then increase 1 every row 9 times. 5 rows even. Next row, *decrease 1, 3 rows even*. Repeat once. Next row, work 70 stitches, chain 1, turn. Decrease 1 every row 3 times for armhole. 2 rows even. Work 50 stitches, turn, chain 1, work back. Next time 40, turn, next time 30, turn, next time 20, turn. Next row, work 67 stitches, turn, work 67 and chain 24. *3 rows even. Increase 1*. Repeat once. 5 rows even. Decrease 1, 12 rows even. This finishes the right front and back. Reverse directions for other shoulder. Make the left front 13 rows wide. Sew up shoulders.

SLEEVES-Chain 15. Increase 1 stitch at top every other row until there are 51 stitches. Increase at hand by adding a chain of 11 stitches at end of every 1st, 3d and 5th row, keeping hand even. 10 rows even. Then decrease the same as you increased.

CUFFS-Single crochet, taking both loops.

*Make 1 single crochet in every row for 7 rows, 2 in next row. * Work 7 rows even.

8TH ROW-Single crochet, taking back loop. Then 7 rows, taking both loops. Sew up sleeves.

BELT-Chain 13. Work 36 inches, taking both loops. Decrease 1 stitch each end every row until 1 stitch remains.

2 STRAPS-Chain 15, work 3 rows of single crochet, taking both loops.

2 POCKETS-Chain 16. Work 12 rows of half double crochet. Fasten off. Across one side make 1 row of single crochet, increasing 1 stitch in every 4th row. Then 3 rows even.

COLLAR-Hold right side toward you, join yarn in 13th row from front.

1ST ROW-*1 single crochet in each row for 3 rows, increase 1 stitch in 4th row.* Repeat to the 2d shoulder seam. Slip stitch around collar and each front. On left front make 5 buttonholes of 8 stitches, 3 inches apart.