Cape Pattern

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MATERIAL-14 skeins Woolco Shetland Floss. 1 piece of No. 4 ribbon. No. 3 Woolco hook.

Chain 100 stitches.

1ST ROW-Make 1 treble in each chain; turn. (From now on work all the trebles around the trebles of former row.)

2D ROW-*3 trebles; around the 4th treble make 3 treble; 3 trebles; 1 chain; skip 1 treble of former row; repeat from * to the end of the row; turn.

3D ROW-Chain 3; 1 treble around the 2d treble; 2 trebles; 5 treble around the 4th treble of former row; 3 trebles; *chain 1; skip the last treble, and the 1st treble of the next point; make 3 trebles; 5 treble around the next treble; 3 trebles; repeat from * to the end of the row.

4TH ROW-Widen by putting 3 treble around the middle treble in the point. (Always skip the last and first treble of each point.)

5TH ROW- Widen by putting 5 treble.

6TH ROW-Widen by putting 3 treble.

Repeat these last 2 rows 6 times.

19TH ROW-Widen by putting 5 treble.

Make 11 rows more, widening by putting 3 treble in each point.

BORDER-Make a shell of 4 trebles; *skip 2 stitches; 1 treble; skip 2 stitches; shell of 4 trebles; repeat from * across the bottom of cape.

Make 5 more rows the same as this one.

Make 2 rows the same way up the fronts and around the neck.

Finish with a scallop of trebles and a picot edge all around.

Put the ribbon through the spaces made by the chain (as in the design), drawing it over the ridge and under the next chain. Finish at the bottom with a loop and sew it at each end. Also run the ribbon through the spaces around the neck.