Hairpin Lace Stole Pattern

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Hairpin Lace Stole Pattern

Approximately 70 inches by 19½ inches

MATERIALS — Bear Brand Rococo or Fleisher's Paradise "A", 3 skeins and
Bucilla Metallique, non-tarnish Metal Thread "B", 3 tubes.
Hairpin Lace Loom 3 inches wide.
Bucilla Steel Crochet Hook, Size 3.

GAUGE: 6 loops or 6 sts in Metallique = 1 inch

TO MAKE HAIRPIN LACE STRIPS—Holding hairpin loom in left hand with points and guide at bottom, tie a loop of A around loom with knot in center between prongs, tying around front and back strands. With yarn at back, insert crochet hook in knot, ch 1, remove crochet hook from ch 1 loop, turn hairpin loom to left; the yarn will pass over one prong. With crochet hook, pick up ch st loop, insert crochet hook under front loop to the left of center and work 1 sc. * Remove crochet hook from sc loop, turn hairpin loom to the left, pick up sc loop, insert hook under last front loop to the left of center and work 1 sc; repeat from * until hairpin loom prongs are filled with loops. Steam lightly before removing loops from loom; remove the guide and slide off all but 6 loops at each side of loom. Replace guide and continue working as before until there are 420 loops on each side in all. Fasten off. Steam and remove loops from loom. Make 6 strips in all.
With B, crochet around strips as follows: With loop on hook, 1 sc through 2 loops, * ch 1, 1 sc through next 2 loops *; repeat between *'s to end of strip, with care to keep gauge, ch 9, 1 sc in sc at center of strip, ch 9, 1 sc through 2 loops on other side of strip; repeat between *'s to end, ch 9, 1 sc in center, ch 9, join with slip st to first sc. Fasten off. This is right side of strip. Finish all 6 strips in this way.

TO JOIN STRIPS—With loop of B on hook, from right side, 1 sc in first sc on long side of a strip, ch 3; holding 2nd strip in back of first one with wrong side toward you, 1 sc in first sc of 2nd strip, * ch 3, skip 1 ch st on first strip; from right side, 1 sc in next sc, ch 3, skip 1 ch st on 2nd strip; from wrong side, 1 sc in next sc; repeat from * to end of strips. Join all 6 strips in this way.
Pin out to given size and block.

FRINGE—Wind A over 7-in. cardboard; cut at one end. Knot 2 strands in corner sc on short side of stole, then knot 2 strands in groups as follows: 3 groups evenly spaced on ch 9, 1 group in center of strip, 3 groups on ch 9, 3 groups on joining strip, continue in this way across, end 1 group in corner sc. Knot fringe on other short side in same way. Trim fringe evenly. Steam lightly.