Shellstitch Stole Pattern #374

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6 balls Pompadour Baby Yarn 3 ply (1 oz. ball)
1 silvalume crochet hook No. 6


1st row: * 2 d.c., ch. 1, 2 d.c. in same st., skip 2, 1 d.c. in next st., skip 2, repeat from * across row, ch. 3, turn.

2nd row: * 2 d.c., ch. 1, 2 d.c, in center of shell of previous row, ch. 1, 1 d.c. on top of d.c.

of previous row, ch. 1, repeat from * across row, ch. 3, turn.

Repeat 2nd row all the way through stole.

With No. 6 crochet hook ch. 20 inch. and work in pattern for 64 inch. Fasten off.


Wind yarn over a 7 inch cardboard, cut yarn at one end. Knot 6 strands in center of every shell and in every d.c. on both short ends of stole. Trim fringe evenly. Block to size.

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