Hairpin Lace Stole Pattern #380

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5 balls Fingering Yarn 3 ply (1 oz. ball)
1 hairpin loom 3 inch. wide
1 steel crochet hook No. 7
1 steel crochet hook No. 1

To Make Hairpin Lace Strip:

Hold hairpin loom in left hand with points and guide at bottom, tie a loop around loom with a knot in center between prongs, always keep yarn at back of work. Insert No. 7 crochet hook in knot and ch. 1, * put needle in back of loom, turn loom to left, the yarn will pass around the right prong. Insert hook under the top front loop to left of center and work 1 s.c. Repeat from * until there are 384 loops on loom. Break yarn, leaving a 5 inch end and pull through the last loop. Remove guide and slide off all loops. Make 9 more strips the same way.

To Join Strips:

Place 2 strips tog. side by side. With No. 1 crochet hook pick up the first 3 loops of left strip, then pick up the first 3 loops of right strip and pull the 3 loops of right strip through the 3 loops of left strip already on hook, pick up next 3 loops of left strip and pull through the 3 loops of right strip on hook. Continue to work this way picking up 3 loops from one strip and then 3 loops from the other strip and pulling them through until the 2 strips are joined. At end of strip sew the remaining 3 loops with same wool to prevent pulling out. Join all 10 strips in this manner.


Wind yarn over an 8 inch cardboard, cut yarn at one end. Knot 6 strands in center of each strip and in center of each joining on both short ends of stole. Trim fringe evenly and steam lightly.

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