Two Tone Afghan Pattern #1703

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Two afghans in one – colorfully striped on one side – solid color on the other.

48 x 78

Materials Required—

19 1-oz. Balls No. 1621 Spanish Tile.
2 1-oz. Balls No. 1623 Canary.
2 1-oz. Balls No. 1659 Lt. Rosewood.
4 1-oz. Balls No. 1619 Lt. Copper.
4 1-oz. Balls No. 1629 Lilac.
4 1-oz. Balls No. 1625 Amber.
4 1-oz. Balls No. 1627 Marigold.
Bone Crochet Hook No. 7 or 8.

With Spanish Tile working very loosely make a chain about 88 inches long and work 1 s c in each ch, until work measures about 68 inches, cut off remaining ch, ch 1, turn.

2nd Row—1 s c in each s c picking up back loop of st only, break yarn.

3rd Row—With Lt. Rosewood, ch 1, insert hook in back loop of 1st st and corresponding st in previous row and pull through, yarn over and pull through 2 loops, 1 s c in each remaining st picking up back loop of 1st st and corresponding loop of previous row. Repeat the 3rd row for entire Afghan, working one side all in Spanish Tile and the other side in the following color scheme—* 1 row each of Lilac, Lt. Copper, Marigold, Amber, Canary, Amber, Marigold, Lt. Copper, Lilac and Lt. Rosewood. Repeat from * until Afghan measures about 48 inches or is width desired. Work 2 rows Spanish Tile at end.

EDGE. With Spanish Tile, work 1 s c loosely in each color stripe across short ends of Afghan.

FRINGE. With color matching each stripe, cut 12 inch lengths of yarn, take 3 strands, double these and knot into s c of same color stripe.