Highlander Afghan Pattern #1704

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As cheerful as a Highland Fling. A bright plaid that fits in with any type of room – and fascinating to make.

45 x 72

Materials Required—

6 2-oz. Skeins No. 1209 Amber.
6 2-oz. Skeins No. 1224 Leaf Green.
3 2-oz. Skeins No. 1210.5 Tangerine.
13 2-oz. Skeins No. 1207.5 Blue.
1 Bone Crochet Hook No. 5 or Aluminum Hook Size F.
1 Large Tapestry Needle.

Gauge—2 meshes = 1 inch; 2 rows = 1 inch

With Blue ch 212, work 1 d c in 4th st from hook, * ch 1, skip 1 d c, d c in next d c, repeat from * across row. (105 meshes) ch 4, turn.

2nd Row—D c in next d c, * ch 1, d c in next d c, repeat from * across row and repeat 2nd row. Continue rows of one ch meshes in the following color scheme—1 row each of Leaf Green, Blue, Leaf Green, Blue, 2 rows Amber, 1 row each of Blue, Tangerine, Blue, Tangerine, repeat these 13 rows 10 times then work 7 more rows after completing the last 2 rows in Amber.

WEAVING. Measure a double strand of yarn the length of the blanket allowing 4 inches for fringe at each end, thread into a tapestry needle; beginning at the lower right hand corner, leaving 4 inches of yarn free for the fringe, weave in and out through the 1st row of meshes, leave a 4 inch length of yarn at other end for fringe. Take a second double length of the same color and weave in and out in same mesh weaving over the opposite threads. Continue weaving twice in the same mesh with one color and following the same color scheme given for meshes. To knot fringe, thread each double strand and work 1 buttonhole stitch over end of mesh.