Formal Time Sweater Pattern

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No. 2935

SIZES: 12 (14-16-18)

Instructions are for Size 12. Changes for Sizes 14, 16 and 18 are in parentheses.

MATERIALS: SPINNERIN Moth-Proofed WHIRL-KNIT 5 (6-6-7) 2-oz. Skeins
1 Bone Crochet Hook No. 6
1 10-in Jacket Zipper to Match

GAUGE: 1 Double-Knot St = 1 in; 2 rows = 1 in
Important: Accurate gauge is absolutely essential.

PATTERN: Double-Knot St with ch-3 as described below.

BACK: Make a ch loosely to measure 15 (17-19-21) ins or 1 in longer than desired width across lower edge of back. Row 1: Work 1 Knot St (draw up a loop 1 in long YO and draw through loop, SC through back of loop just made) SC in 5th ch from hook; *work 2 Knot Sts (referred to as a double-Knot st), skip 3 ch, SC in next ch; repeat from * across ch or until row will measure the desired width across lower edge. Cut off remaining ch. Ch 7 and turn. Row 2: SC in center of 1st double-knot st, *ch 3, SC in center of next double-knot st; repeat from * across, end with SC in top of turning ch (the ch-4 at beg of Row 1). Ch 5 and turn. Row 3: Work 1 Knot St, SC in 2nd SC of row below, *double knot st, SC in next SC; repeat from * across, end with double-knot st, SC in top of turning ch (the center of the ch-7 at end of Row 1). Ch 7 and turn. The last 2 rows constitute pattern. Work even in pattern to 4 (4-4½-4½) ins from start (waist­line). Dec Row: Work Row 2 of pattern, working a ch-1, instead of ch-3 across row. Work 1 row of double-knot sts and repeat the dec row once more. Inc Row: On next Row 2 of Pattern, work in pattern as given. Con­tinue even in pattern until 13 (13-14-14) ins from start or required length to armhole. Shape Armhole: Bind off (omit turning ch when binding off and slip st across given measurement) about 1 (1-1¼-1¼) ins at beg of next row, then work in pattern to within 1 (1-1¼-1¼) ins from end of row, now, slip st across remaining number of sts. Break off yarn. Turn work around, attach yarn in st after last slip st and work in pattern to last slip st of row. Work even until armhole is 5 (5¼-5½-5½) ins, end with Row 2 of pattern. Neck: Work across 2 (2-3-3) double-knot sts and work back and forth on these sts until armhole is 7 (7¼-7½-7½) ins above bound-off sts. Fasten off. Attach yarn at armhole edge of other side and work to correspond.

FRONT: Make a ch loosely to measure 16 (18-20-22) ins or 1 in longer than front. Work same as for back until armhole is 4 (4¼-4½-4½) ins always having work 1 in wider than back. Neck: Work across same number of Knot Sts as for back shoulder and work same as for back. Work other side to correspond.

SLEEVE: Make a ch loosely to measure 10½ (11-11½-12) ins long. Work even in pattern until 4 (4-4½-4½) ins from start or required length to underarm. Bind off at each end same as for back, then work even until armhole is 5 (5¼-5¼-5½) ins. Fasten off.

ASSEMBLING AND FINISHING: Seam shoulders, sleeves and right underarm. Sew zipper in place at left underarm, starting from lower edge and working toward armhole edge, then seam to armhole. Sew in sleeves.

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