Half Double Crochet (hdc)

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You will eliminate one step of the double crochet to make this stitch. In vintage publications, this stitch was often referred to as short double crochet and abbreviated using sdc instead of hdc. They are the same stitch.

To make a half double crochet stitch

Place yarn over hook. Insert the hook into the 3rd chain from hook and draw a loop through. You will have 3 loops on the hook. Hook the yarn and draw it through all 3 loops on hook. This will leave one loop on your hook. This completes one half double crochet.



How to work a piece using half double crochet step by step

Ch for desired length.

Step 1: Yarn over, insert hook into 3rd ch from hook, draw yarn through. Yarn over and draw through all three loops. Work 1 hdc in each remaining ch.

Step 2: Ch 2, turn. Work 1 hdc in first st from hook and each remaining st, inserting hook under both strands of st unless otherwise specified.

Repeat step 2 for desired number of rows.


half double crochet stitch



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