Shell Stitch

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Make a shell stitch:

Make a chain.

Make 5 double crochet in the 3rd stitch, * skip 2 chains, make a single crochet in next stitch, skip 2 and make 5 double crochet in next stitch *.


Source: Woolco Knitting & Crocheting Manual

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This video will show you how to crochet a shell stitch.


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Shell Stitch Pattern. Make the chain of foundation, and three extra chains to turn.

Row 1. Turn, work 4 D.C. in the 4th ch., * skip 2 ch., 1 S.C. in next ch., skip 2 ch., 5 D.C. in next ch. Re­peat from *, and end with 1 S.C.

Row 2. Ch. 3, and turn. Work 4 D.C. into S.C. * 1 S.C. into 3rd D.C. of previ­ous row, 5 D.C. into S.C. of previous row. Repeat from * across row.

Repeat Row 2 throughout.


Source: Complete Guide to Modern Knitting and Crocheting