Rose Yoke with Sleeves Pattern #3

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Rose Yoke with Sleeves Pattern #3

MATERIALS—Five balls Coats Six Cord Mercerized Crochet Cotton No. 50.

Ch 84, turn, allowing 8 for turning, then make 22 more sps and 4 dc. Continue across front and when last filet is made make 9 rows of sps at lower end of yoke, at every other row leaving 2 sps off. This will form the under part of sleeve. Break thread and start up at neck with 23 sps and continue around to back, then turn in same with 23 sps, making 4 dc at neck and 1 sp each time. Continue across for back same as front, then turn again with same number of sps to make the other shoulder piece and at both back and front make the 9 rows of meshes which is to form under part of sleeve. Break thread and start sleeve by making 10 blocks and continue around with sps, fastening in top of shoulder sps, continuing around with same design as on front, only making one rose in center top of sleeve and leaves on either side.
For edging and beading fill in each sp with dc.
Row 2—Ch 2 and dc in every 3d dc. Continue around.
Row 3—Triple treble in each dc, with 2 ch between tr tr.
Row 4—Dc in each tr tr, with 2 ch between dc.
Row 5—In one sp work 5 tr tr, with 2 ch between, 1 sc in next sp, repeat around.
Row 6—Ch 3 and fasten in top of each triple tr, repeat.