The Learn How Book | Book No. 58 | The Spool Cotton Company

The Learn How Book | Book No. 58 | The Spool Cotton Company

The Learn How Book
Book No. 58
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1936

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Patterns Included: 
Sport Belt, three Crochet Edgings, Crochet Circle, Crochet Square, Mesh Doily, Shell Stitch Doily, Dresden Luncheon Set, Envelope Bag and Coin Purse, Knitted Wash Cloth, Knitted Sport Scarf, Garter Stitch, Stockinette Stitch, Rib Stitch, Cross Barred Stitch, Fagoting Stitch, Open Star Stitch, Moss Stitch, Reversible Diamond Stitch, Fern Lace Stitch, Hairpin Hedge Edging, Hairpin Garden Edging.

CROCHET from your first easy stitches to whatever you want to make

Crochet is an art centuries old. Fingers were used for hooks, and grass for thread, before convenient hooks in all sizes were conceived. Now, instead of grass or coarse, hand-made string, beautiful threads of many kinds and sizes are made just for crochet. Designers the world over work to create interesting stitches and uses of crochet.

   Crochet, like music, requires practice for perfection. Once you learn the simple stitches, and the terms used in crochet, such as single, double, and treble, you will be able at once to read and follow crochet instructions and eventually to copy any design that you see. As you become interested in crochet, you will be so fascinated by its rhythmic movement and by the ease and speed with which skill is acquired that you will want to take your crochet hook in hand every time you sit down, and conse­quently will soon gain enough practice to insure perfection in work.

   You will feel a greater appreciation for crochet when you realize that it is one of the few creative arts left to womankind which no machine yet devised has accurately reproduced. Crochet, with its infinite variety, affords countless opportunities to manifest your own individuality and express your own creative skill.

   The more you crochet the more adept you will become in working out designs of your own. Carefully made articles of crochet will last for generations and will be cherished by those of your very own who can appreciate the good taste and skill you put into your work.

Tatting Patterns: 
Hairpin Lace Patterns: 
hairpin lace pattern