Skyscraper Hat Pattern #2271

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Skyscraper Hat Pattern #2271

Headsize 21½

Materials: Chadwick's Red Heart Crepe-de-Mode, 4 skeins (1 oz. skeins).
Milward's steel crochet hook No. 1.
33 inches of millinery wire.

Starting at tip of crown, with 2 strands of yarn ch 4. Join with sl st to form ring. 1st rnd: 8 s c in ring. 2nd rnd: 2 s c in each s c (16 s c). 3rd rnd: * 2 s c in next s c, s c in next s c. Repeat from * around. 4th rnd: S c in each s c around. Hereafter continue in this manner, increasing when necessary to keep work flat, until piece measures 4 inches in diameter. Then inc. 1 st only on each rnd, always having increases fall directly over increases of previous rnd (thus forming line for center front), until piece measures 5½ inches from tip of crown. On next rnd make s c in each s c around, picking up only the front loop of each s c. Hereafter pick up both loops of each s c (as before). Work 2 rnds straight. Then, on each of next 7 rnds, inc. 5 sts at equal distances apart, taking care not to have increases fall over those of previous rnd. Work straight until piece measures 8½ inches from tip of crown. Fasten and break off.

To flatten top of hat, cut a piece of millinery wire 15 inches long and fasten to make a circle 13 inches in circumference. Pin the joining at center front of hat 3¼ inches from tip of crown. Then pull the wire at back and pin in place 1¾ inches from tip of crown. Baste this wire to hat, so that it is oval in shape. With 4 strands of yarn work a rnd of s c, working over the wire and through the hat. Fold front of oval against increase line at front of hat, 4 inches up from lower edge, and tack in place.

Feather: Double the remaining 18 inches of millinery wire. Then, with 4 strands of yarn, work a row of s c closely together across wire. Ch 1, turn. Make s c in 1st s c. Pull loop, which is now on hook, out to measure about 1½ inches, thus making a long loop. Then holding this loop on hook with the forefinger of right hand so that it will not draw back, insert hook in same st, yarn over hook and draw loop through, yarn over and draw through loop just made; pull loop, which is now on hook, out 1½ inches (2 loops made in 1st st). Make 2 loops same as those just made in each st across to within 1½ inches from end of wire, then continue along opposite side of s c. Fasten and break off. Sew feather across center front as in illustration.