Xmas Bell Ornament Pattern

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Xmas Bell Pattern

Materials Required:
1 ball Silver Spangle or color of your choice.
8 inch length Red Velvet
Steel crochet hook No. 6

Chain (ch) 6, join to form a ring, * ch 8, single crochet (sc) into ring, repeat from * 10 times, ch 4, double crochet (dc) in joining (this brings thread into position for next row).
2nd Row. Ch 3, dc in same loop, * ch 8, 2 dc in next loop, repeat from * 8 times, ch 4, treble crochet (tr c) in top of ch 3. Repeat 2nd row 6 times.
9th Row. Ch 3, 3 dc in same loop, * sc between next 2 dc, 4 dc in next loop, ch 5, sl st in top of dc for picot, 4 dc in same loop, repeat from * all around ending with 4 dc in 1st loop, ch 5, sl st in top of dc for picot, join in 3rd st of ch, cut thread.
Starch according to directions for Christmas Bubbles. Place starched bell over inflated balloon, let dry taking care to shape lower edge as bell dries. If desired, glue bell at dc's and dip into glitter. Glue at outer edge of bell and dip in glitter. Attach velvet ribbon at top as illustrated.
Clapper: Ch 6, join to form ring, ch 3, 11 dc into ring, join each round.
2nd Round: Ch 3, 1 dc in same st, 2 dc in each remaining dc.
3rd Round: Ch 3, 1 dc in each dc.
4th Round: Ch 3, decrease in next 2 sts (decrease: thread over hook, insert in st, pull through and work off 2 loops, thread over, insert in next st, pull through and work off all loops at one time) * dc in next dc, decrease in next 2 sts, repeat from * all around, join, cut thread leaving about 24 inch length. Fill Clapper with cotton, thread 24 inch length into needle, draw top together, then crochet chain long enough for Clapper to hang slightly below lower edge of Bell. Work a slip stitch in each st of ch, cut thread and attach to top of Bell. Glue entire Clapper and dip in Glitter.