Rudolph Toy Pattern

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1 oz. Pink and
1 spool each Blue and White.
6 inch x 6 inch Blue felt.
1 ½ inch x 1 ½ inch White felt.

Remove about 2 yds. from skein for tying. Wind remainder of skein over a 6 inch cardboard. Remove from cardboard.

Using a double strand of yarn tie one end loosely making it about 2 inches wide (bottom). Tie tightly 1 ½ inches from opposite end for hair. Trim hair as illustrated. Tie 2 inches from last tying for neck.

Trace all patterns on tracing paper and cut out patterns. Use White felt for nose. Use Blue felt for remainder of patterns. Sew eyes in position. Sew straight edges of nose together and sew in position. Sew tongue, ears, hands, feet, and button in position as illustrated.

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