Curtain Pull Pattern #808

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Curtain Pull Pattern #808

Mercerized Cotton Size 20
1 steel hook #10
1 bone ring ¾-inch.

1st round: Make 40 s c over ring, join with a slip st. Ch 1.

2nd round: Make 1 s c in each st around (40 s c).

3rd round: Ch 4, * 1 tr c in next s c, ch 1, repeat from * around. You should end with ch 1, slip st to 4th st of chain at beginning of round (40 tr c).

4th round: Slip st under ch 1 space, * ch 3, s c under next space, repeat from * around, ending with ch 3, slip st to base of first chain at beginning of round.

5th round: Repeat 4th round. Continuing make a chain 14-inches long, slip st in base of this chain. Fasten off.