Rose Bowl Doily Pattern #7111

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Rose Bowl Doily Pattern #7111

Materials: Choose one of the following threads in White or Ecru:
Clark's O.N.T. Mercerized Crochet, size 30, 4 balls.
J. & P. Coats Mercerized Crochet, size 30, 3 balls.
J. & P. Coats Big Ball Best Six Cord Mercerized Crochet, 2 balls.
Milward's steel crochet hook No. 13.

When completed, doily measures about 17½ inches in diameter.

Gauge: 6 sps make 1 inch; 6 rows make 1 inch.

Starting at "A", ch 24. 1st row: D c in 4th ch from hook, d c in each ch across until 22 d c are made (counting turning ch-3 as 1 d c—7 bls). 2nd row: Ch 11, turn. D c in 4th ch from hook, d c in each ch (3 bls increased) and d c in each d c across. Then make a foundation d c as follows: Thread over hook, insert hook in top st of turning ch-3, draw a loop through, thread over and draw through 1 loop (1 ch st made, to be used as a foundation st for next d c). Then complete d c in usual manner. Make 7 more foundation d c, and 1 d c in usual way (3 bls increased). Ch 8, turn. 3rd row: Make 2 bls over turning ch-8 as before, bl over bl across row, increasing 2 bls at end of row. Ch 5, turn. 4th row: Make 1 bl over turning ch-5, make 4 more bls; ch 2, skip 2 d c, d c in next d c (1 sp made), d c in each of next 3 d c (1 bl made), 1 sp, 1 bl, 1 sp, 1 bl, 1 sp, 1 bl, 1 sp, 4 bls. Inc. 1 bl at end of row. Hereafter follow chart to "B". Fasten and break off. Lay this piece aside.

Then starting at "C", ch 15. 1st row: D c in 4th ch from hook, d c in each ch across (4 bls). Ch 8, turn. 2nd row: D c in 4th ch from hook, d c in each ch (2 bls increased), 4 more bls. At end of row, inc. 2 bls as before. Fasten and break off.

"D", make another piece same as this. Do not break off, but follow chart from "E" across 3rd row of this piece. Then, at end of row, inc. 1 bl as before, and continue across row, working over first piece made. At end of this piece, inc. another bl as before, and, working over second piece made, follow chart across row to "F". Ch 5, turn. Hereafter follow chart to "G", making additional scallops as before. Then, on next row, sl st over each st of first 5 bls (5 bls decreased), and follow chart across row to within last 5 bls (5 bls decreased). Turn. Hereafter follow chart from "H" to "X", thus completing doily. Break off.

Rose Bowl Doily Pattern #7111 chart