Cameo Bedspread Pattern #6056

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For Double Size Bed Only

24 balls of White or Ecru

Milward's Steel Crochet Hook No. 7 or 8.

GAUGE: 4 sps or bls make 1 inch; 4 rows make 1 inch. Finished bedspread measures about 90 x 108 inches after blocking.

Starting at bottom of Chart One, make a chain (12 ch sts to 1 inch) about 3 yards long. 1st row: D c in 8th ch from hook, * ch 2, skip 2 ch, d c in next ch. Repeat from * until there are 359 sps made. Cut off remaining chain (mark the 180th sp with a colored thread—this is center). Ch 5, turn. 2nd row: (This is right side) D c in next d c (sp over sp), 11 more sps, * make a pc st in next sp—to make a pc st, ch 1, 5 d c in sp, drop loop from hook, insert hook in ch-1, and draw dropped loop through; d c in next d c. Repeat from * 8 more times; 11 sps, (5 pc sts, 7 sps) 11 times; (5 pc sts, 8 sps) twice, (5 pc sts, 7 sps) 11 times; 5 pc sts, 11 sps, 9 pc sts, 12 sps. Ch 5, turn. 3rd row: Make 10 sps, (make a reverse pc st in next sp—to make a reverse pc st, work as for pc st, only inserting hook in ch-1 from back of work, thus raising pc st to right side; d c in next d c) twice; 9 sps, 3 reverse pc sts, 7 sps, (1 reverse pc st, 5 sps) 24 times; 2 reverse pc sts, 5 sps, 2 reverse pc sts, (5 sps, 1 reverse pc st) 24 times; 7 sps, 3 reverse pc sts, 9 sps, 2 reverse pc sts, 10 sps. Ch 5, turn.
Now follow chart, starting at 4th row, always working to center of row as on chart (chart shows only the first half of each row) ; then omitting the center sp or pc st-bl, as the case may be, follow chart back to the beginning of row. When 24th row has been completed, work as follows: Ch 5, turn. 25th row: 2 sps, 1 pc st, 2 sps, 5 pc sts, 9 sps, 1 pc st, 28 sps, make a bl over next sp—to make a bl, make 2 d c in sp, d c in next d c; 11 sps, 1 bl, 25 sps, 1 bl, 16 sps, 3 bls, 21 sps, 1 bl, 20 sps, 1 bl, 19 sps, 6 bls, 11 sps, 6 bls, 19 sps, 1 bl, 20 sps, 1 bl, 21 sps, 3 bls, 16 sps, 1 bl, 25 sps, 1 bl, 11 sps, 1 bl, 28 sps, 1 pc st, 9 sps, 5 pc sts, 2 sps, 1 pc st, 2 sps. Ch 5, turn.
Starting with 26th row, follow chart to top. Reverse chart and omitting last row, work back to "A" (this last row completes center design). Floral Borders are now worked from "B" toward top of chart; at the same time, keep con­tinuity of popcorn all-over pattern and popcorn scallop design along edges until the 324th row is complete. Next row: Mark off the center 119 sps. Continue bedspread as before, following Chart Two when working across the center 119 sps. Continue thus, until top of Chart Two is reached. Work scallop design, floral borders and all-over pattern as before, until 408 rows are complete. Do not fasten off but work s c all around, keeping work flat. Fasten off. Block to measure 90 x 108 inches.

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