Tippy Hat Pattern

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Materials Required:
2 Spools FAIRKNIT Ribbon
Steel Crochet Hook #0
FAIRKNIT Hat Form #3001
¾ yd. Grosgrain Ribbon

Ch. 3 inches, work across in dc inc. 1 st in last st, * ch 3, turn, work across in dc inc. 1 st in last st, repeat from * for 9 rows from start. Work 9 more rows dec. 1 st at the end of every row. Work 3 rows sc around entire piece.
4th row: sc around in back of st work 5 mord rows around in sc. Fasten off. Fit on form and sew. Sew in ribbon for hat band.

Other great patterns from Fashion Stoles and Accessories, Book No. 17.

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