Wide 'n Handsome Hat Pattern No. 786

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This free pattern originally published by John Dritz & Sons Company, Volume 10, in 1947.

Hat No. 786

Materials Required

DRITZ Belastraw Art. No. 110, 2 tubes Main Color, 1 tube Contrasting Color.

DRITZ Steel Crochet Hook No. 0 (Zero).

58" Millinery Wire.

GAUGE: 4 1/2 sc make 1".

CROWN: With Main Color work same as Breton Beauty Hat No. 778 until there are 96 sc on rnd. Work 2 rnds straight. Piece measures about 6" across. Cut 20 1/2" of wire. Clamp to form circle.

Next rnd: Holding wire on top of last rnd and working over it, * insert hook in next st and pull loop through, y o, through 1 loop, insert hook in same st and pull loop through, y o, through 3 loops. Repeat from * (96 sts).

Following rnd: Work sc in the back loop of each sc of last rnd. (96 sc). Drop Main Color keeping it on right side of work. Work side as follows:

Attach Contrasting Color in 1st sc of last rnd and work 15 rnds of sc. End off Contrasting Color

Work mesh as follows:

1st rnd: Pick up Main Color, * ch 5, skip 2 sts, sc in next remaining loop on wired rnd. Repeat from * ending with ch 2, skip 2 sts, dc in last st (32 loops).

2nd rnd: * Ch 5, insert hook through next loop, skip 2 rows of sc, insert hook through next corresponding sc on following row and complete and sc. Repeat from * ending with ch 2, dc in top of dc.

Repeat last rnd until there are 5 rnds of loops.

Next rnd: With Main Color work sc in each contrasting sc catching center of each remaining loop (96 sc).

BRIM: 1st rnd: Sc in each sc increasing 8 sc on rnd.

Repeat 1st rnd until there are 184 sc on rnd. Clamp remaining 37 1/2" of wire and work over it same as on Crown. Sl st in next st.

FRINGE: Cut a cardboard 1" x 3". Turn wrong side of Brim toward you. * Holding cardbaord behind Brim, pass Belastraw over cardboard, insert hook in next st on edge and pull loop through, complete an sc.

Repeat from * around until there are 3 rows of loops. End off. Fold edge of Fringe under and whip down. Brush inside of Crown with sizing and allow to dry.

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