Crochet Lessons | Volume 1 Number 3 | Royal Society

Crochet Lessons | Volume 1 Number 3 | Royal Society

Crochet Lessons
Volume I No. 3
Royal Society
Original Copyright 1915

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Patterns Included: 
Safety Purse, Baby's Hot Water Bottle, Baby's High Bootees, Baby's Feeding Bottle, Corset Bag, Pin Cushion, Crocheted Bag, Arabian Crochet Bag, Ladies' Crochet Slippers, two Table Mats, two Center Edgings, two Towel Edging & Insertions, two Scarf and Pillows, Insertion and Lace C, Star Motif, Lace B, Crochet Border.

CROCHET has come into its own once more.

This fine old art, which has been handed down to us from the ancients, has broadened in its following and its scope.

This book purposes to show a few of the infinite possibilities of crocheting, gathered by artists and taken from the most modern developments.

It is positive, after the careful and studious way in which the lessons have been written, revised and yet again revised, that no difficulty need be felt by even the most unpracticed crocheur. At the same time, the best hand at the art will find helpful and timely hints.

Bearing in mind the necessity of having the right needle for different work; of taking loose, elastic stitches, you will find your results wonderfully beautiful.