Star Motif Pattern

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Star Motif Pattern

MATERIALS REQUIRED.—Royal Society Crochet Cotton, size 3 or 5, White or Ecru.

Ch. 6, close in ring.

First Row: Ch. 3, 20 d. c. close into ring by slipping into 3rd Ch. where you began row.

Second Row: 1 s. c., 1 d. c., in first stitch (*) 2 d. c. in next. Repeat from (*) once. 1 d. c., 1 s. c. in next stitch (**), 1 s. c., 1 d. c., in next 2 d. c. in the following stitch: Ch. 12, take out hook and counting from the last d. c. backwards insert hook in the 7th stitch, take up loop, thread and pull through. Crochet over this loop 16 s. c., 2 d. c. in next stitch of ring, 1 d. c., 1 s. c., in next stitch. Repeat from (**) 3 times. 4 sl. st. add the fifth loop.

Third Row: 5 sl. st., Ch. 5, 1 tr. c. in next stitch, (*) Ch. 1, 1 tr. c. in next. Repeat 7 times from (*). (**) miss 3 stitches of next ring, 1 tr. c. in next stitch (***), Ch. 1, 1 tr. c. Repeat (***) 9 times. (**). Repeat three times from (**—**). Slip in Ch. 5 where you began the 3rd row.

Fourth Row: (*) 2 s. c. in one hole, 1 s. c. P. (Ch. 4, 1 s. c. in 1st), 1 s. c. in the next one. Repeat 3 times from (*), 2 s. c. in last hole. Repeat this 4th row over the remaining 4 scallops.