Gay Gadgets | Book No. 121 | The Spool Cotton Company

Gay Gadgets | Book No. 121 | The Spool Cotton Company

Gay Gadgets
Book 121
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1938

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Patterns Included: 
Sea Shells Purse, Chair Seat, two Pillow Tops, Tailored Boutonniere, Sweet Pea Corsage, Glass Jackets, Crocheted Knitting Bag, two Pot Holders, four Curtain Pulls, Tassel Belt, Bag and Belt Set, Turtle Coasters, Victorian Pin Cushion, Pumpkin Pin Cushion, Drum Pin Cushion, Heart Pin Cushion, three Towel Edgings, Bedroom Slippers, Beach Sandals, Crocheted Hot Plate Set, Foot Stool, Square Compact Cover, Round Compact Cover, Peasant Stripe Belt, Corded Hot Plate Set, Pom Pom, Two-Color Pom Pom, Knitting Bag.


Between the covers of this book you will find a grand collection of light-hearted pick-up work! It isn't only the ability to crochet bedspreads and tablecloths that marks the devotee of the crochet hook … she finds lots of fun, too, in crocheting gay little gadgets with a ball or so of bright colored thread.

And what an opportunity for giving different looking gifts when anni­versaries, birthdays, and Christmasses roll along! A bride-to-be will thrill over the sombrero glass holders … while the man of the house would take that nice looking Indian pillow right to his heart! But, best of all, the home- seeker who crochets can add charming touches to her own home, or find here brand new fashion ideas that will perk up her wardrobe.

Knitting Patterns: