Crochet Designs For The Hostess | Book No. 34 | The Spool Cotton Company

Crochet Designs For The Hostess | Book No. 34 | The Spool Cotton Company

Crochet Designs For The Hostess
Book No. 34
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1934

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Patterns Included: 
Cord Net Curtains, four Tassels and Cords, Peacock Fan Insertion, Curtain Lace and Insertions, Spider Web Doily Set, Shell and Knot Stitch Doily, Luncheon Cloth Medallion Corners and Edging, Square Motif Edging, Luncheon Cloth in Modernistic Filet, Ice Cream Doily, Chain Table Mat, Modern Filet Crocheted Pillow Top, Block Insertion Pillow Top, Feather Insertion, Table Scarf in Grape Design, Table Runner with Crossed Squares, Table Mat, Breakfast Doily with Peasant Trim, Edgings with Corners, Three Piece Vanity Dresser Set, Colorful Towel Edgings, Half Moon Luncheon Set, Crocheted Square with Corner Triangles, Doily with Edge in Contrasting Color, Doily with Cluny Crochet, Doily with Crochet in Three Colors, Shell and Space Peasant Banding for Doily.

Every home is made more charming by the hostess who gives care and thought to the details that create individuality. The living-room, in which she entertains her guests, can form a background that is long remembered, and serves as an inspiration to others.

With colors like Navy, Autumn Glow, Dark Red, Brown, Sport Green, Black, and Spanish Red available in Clark's O.N.T. and J. & P. Coats Boilfast Mercerized crochet threads, it is possible to make new and unusual articles for the home that have never been done before. These colors were developed especially to fit in with the present day mode in color. Also there is a wide range of pastel shades, besides White, Ecru and Linen for daintier work. For those who prefer a soft twisted lustrous thread, we suggest J. & P. Coats Pearl Cotton Size 8. Designs which specify size 30 Mercerized Crochet, will work out in the same proportions with this size 8 Pearl Cotton. Beautiful colors offer unlimited opportunities for color harmony.

Windows, which are sometimes a problem, can be made more decorative with crochet trims. Many of these are applied to the curtain in the form of passementerie or appliqué work. Simple table mats or table runners, crocheted pillows, and other accessories are suggested here.

When the hostess gives a luncheon, bridge, or tea, she cannot have too many pretty plate doilies, luncheon cloths, and colorful table linens. Hand-crocheted cloths give a dignity and richness to a table setting. And in the guest room there should be fingertip towels, bureau sets, and a gift for the guest.