Rectangle Rug Pattern

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Materials: HOME—TIES KENTUCKY SOFT SPUN RUG YARN—Crochet Hook Size "I" or 8—For Rug 20" x 24"—4 Skeins (Foundation Chain 18)—For Rug 22" x 27"—5 Skeins (Foundation Chain 21)—For Rug 24" x 30"—6 Skeins (Foundation chain 24).

Instructions For Rug lllustrated — 22" x 27" — (2 Skeins Center and 3 Skeins Border).

To Start: Use single thread, make foundation chain of 21, turn on second chain from hook, 20 sc on chain. Row 2—Chain 1 to turn, sc in each sc to end of row. Row 3—Chain 1 to turn, sc in each sc to end of row. Row 4—Chain 1 to turn, sc in each sc to end of row.

First Round Outside of Panel: Work a row of sc all around outer edge of panel, making 3 sc in each corner. 2nd Round: Sc in each sc around, making 3 sc in center sc of each 3 sc group at corners. Repeat second round 18 more times, finishing at original corner.

To Change Colors: Break off first color, leaving 3 inch length; draw this end through previous stitches. Start new color at same corner with 3 sc in center sc of the 3 sc group. Continue to sc in each sc as in previous rounds. Repeat this round 7 more times, finishing as before at original corner. Work sl st around entire rug. Add fringe.

(Instructions for fringe on pattern book page.)

Other great patterns from Rugs, Sweaters, Pot Holders, Lamp Shades, Book No. 107.

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