Puss in Boots Slippers Pattern | No. 4719

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Materials Required—
, Article 75
Red or any Color desired
2-100 yd. Skeins.
DAWN Knitting Worsted Article W11 White.
1-1 ¼ oz. Skein.
2 Small Buttons for Eyes.
Bone Crochet Hook #4.

Work Soles #2.

Upper Section—Directions are given for size 7, sizes 9 and 11 are given in bracket. With inside of sole towards you, attach Red at instep by slipping needle under the loops of 2 s c, pull yarn through and work a ch st, * slip needle in same space with last st, and under the loop of next s c, pull yarn through and work an s c, thus forming a ridge at the outside, repeat from * all around, do not join or turn rounds.

Next 5 Rounds—Work 1 s c in each sc, break yarn.

VAMP—Ch 6, 5 s c on ch, ch 1 to turn each row.

Working in back loop of st only, work 5 more rows increasing 1 s c at the beginning of each row. Work 7, (8-9) more rows of s c even, then work 1 row of s c down one side, across lower edge and up opposite side, working 14 (15-16) s c in each side and 6 s c across lower edge, break yarn. Sew vamp to slipper working over 30 toe sts, starting at 3rd row of s c of vamp and leaving the last 2 rows of s c of vamp free, break yarn. With inside of slipper towards you, attach yarn in 1st free s c next to vamp and work 1 s c in each s c around back of slipper and across vamp. Work 1 s c in every other s c of the 2nd ridge row at top of vamp. Without joining rounds work 5 more rounds of s c even, break yarn. With right side of slipper towards you, attach White wool, work 1 row of s c all around top, join.

2nd Row—* Ch 3, 2 d c in same space, skip 2 s c, s c in next s c, repeat from * all around, join, break yarn. With White, work 1 row of s c around free section of vamp, break yarn.

Kitten Head—Over a 3 ½" cardboard wind wool 75 times, slip from cardboard, tie around center, trim to form a small pompon, comb to fluff.

Sew buttons in position for eyes, embroider mouth with Red by making a cross stitch, draw about 6 strands of Black thread through for whiskers, sew in place.

Ear—Ch 6, 5 s c on ch, ch 1 to turn each row.

2nd Row—1 s c in each s c, then decrease 1 s c at the beginning of each row until 1 st remains, break yarn. Work another ear in same manner. Sew ears to head, sew head to front of slipper. Work another slipper in same manner.

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