Bedspread Patterns

Maker of Magic Bedspread Pattern #6059

Now you see a sailor's wheel ... now it's a square ...

Traditional Bedspread Pattern #6049

The haunting loveliness of this spread sings of yesterday and today ... a spread like this for your room is a permanent investment in charm.

Dawn o' Day Bedspread Pattern #6050

Star-strewn, like early morn ... a spread with a radiance about it. Made in the popular octagon medallion that women like to do so much. Let it take the spotlight in your bedroom.

Land o' Cotton Bedspread Pattern #6043

An allover diagonal popcorn pattern. The "puffs" are smartly oversized and the grand marshmallow texture looks for all the world like a field of fluffy white cotton blossoms!

Quick Work Bedspread Pattern #6055

A square a day's the idea for this one ... and it's fun to do, for nimble fingers make this work go like magic.

Coquette Bedspread Pattern #6061

A superlative spread ... dramatic in the very size of its squares. Altogether charming in the crisp, fresh filagree work framing the checked centers that hold a dainty flower encased.

Irish Melody Bedspread Pattern #6051

A darlin' - this leaf and flower fantasy ... to test the skill of your crochet hook. Always incredibly lovely, this Irish Crochet has a smart embossed surface delightful in any room.

Cameo Bedspread Pattern #6056

For Double Size Bed Only

Nosegay Bedspread Pattern #6062

Lacy and lovely, these delightful old fashioned flower bouquet motifs are surrounded by delicate star-petal joinings ... making a spread of dreamlike beauty.

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