Bag Pattern

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Bag Pattern

Whether for knitting or shopping, this bag will be found practical and roomy. Lengthen the sides for a larger bagmore depth may be obtained by adding rows to sides and ends. Try it in solid colors, or stripes, or broad bands of color. The picture with wooden handles was Red, White and Blue. With Red across the top and the darker Blue at the bottom, to lessen soiling when in use.

The instructions are for a bag 10¼ inches deep by 12½ inches long, with an end gusset of 2¾ inches. Make it longer or deeper as desired.

MATERIALS: 5 balls, Enterprise Yarn, if a single color is used, or 1 ball of color for 12 rows at top; 2 balls of color for 16 center rows; 3 balls of color for 12 bottom rows, ends, bottom and handles. Steel Crochet Hook No. 1.

SIDES—Starting at top of bag, ch 70, sk last st. (1 sc in next, 1 dc in next st) repeated to end, ending with 1 sc.
Row 2: Ch 2, turn, 1 dc in last sc, (1 sc in next dc, 1 dc in next sc) repeated to end—completing 1 rib.
Row 3: Ch 1, turn, 1 sc in last dc, (1 dc in next sc, 1 sc in next dc) repeated to end. Repeat second and third rows 3 times.
If wanted, a pocket with a 6-inch zipper for coin purse or knitting accessories may be inserted in Row 10 as pictured, by crocheting as follows:
Row 10: Ch 2, (1 dc in last sc, 1 sc in next dc) 9 times, ch 33, sk 33 sts of Row 9—to form opening for Zipper pocket—(1 sc in next dc, 1 dc in next sc) 9 times. If no Zipper, work Row 10 same as Row 2.
Row 11: Ch 1, turn, (1 sc in last dc, 1 dc in next sc) 10 times, (1 sc in first st of Ch-33, 1 dc in next st) repeated across ch-33, repeat in pattern to end of row.
Row 12: Repeat Row 2. If wanted, center color band is inserted here so—join through final 2 loops of last dc.
Rows 13 to 28 inclusive: Repeat Rows 3 and 2, lower band color is joined at end of Row 28 if wanted.
Rows 29 to 40 inclusive: Repeat Rows 3 and 2 (20 ribs in all). Fasten off.
Work should now measure 10¼ inches by 12½ inches.
Make a second piece in same way, omit opening for pocket in Row 10.

ENDS AND BOTTOM—With lower band color ch 18, sk last st (1 sc in next, 1 dc in next) repeated to end of ch. Repeat Rows 2 and 3 as for sides, for 113 rows (approx. 29 inches) or to fit around as explained in assembling instructions.

LINING—Cut a piece of lining material to fit sides, bottom and ends, making allowance for seams. Sew together. If zipper is used—cut a piece of lining material 6¾ inches wide and 12 inches long, fold in center and sew up 2 sides and stitch 6 inch zipper at top opening for pocket. Pin pocket in place on wrong side of crocheted piece at opening and stitch from right side.

BEFORE ASSEMBLING—Pin each piece to correct size, right-side-down to a padded table or ironing board, press with wet cloth and hot iron, then through dry cloth until perfectly dry.

ASSEMBLING—Place right sides of ends and one side together, whip edges together, starting at top of Row 9 of side, down side, across bottom and up other side, ending at top of Row 9, ease at corners to prevent puckering. Tack other side to ends in same manner. Slip wrong side of lining over wrong side of bag, pin in place and stitch neatly around top. If wooden handles are used, fasten them between lining and outside of bag.

TWISTED HANDLES—Cut 12 lengths of lower band color 2-7/9 yards each. Place all 12 lengths together, fasten firmly at one end, twist tightly, fold in center and twist in opposite direction. Again fasten at one end, twist as before, fold in center and twist in other direction. Wrap a single thread, several times around—3 inches from each end, tie and cut ends even to form tassels. Make another handle in same way. Tack handles firmly to sides on outside of bag as illustrated.

A PULL FOR ZIPPER—Cover a one-inch bone ring with sc, fasten last sc to first sc, ch 8, cut thread 3 inches from work and fasten to zipper.

Same Bag with twisted handles of Enterprise Yarn is maroon and rose, center stripe and side panel were gray, but any neutral shade may be used. Instructions for making the twisted rope handles are given.

For a Shopping Bag of greater depth make the sides for 60 rows, for 15" to 15½"; 70 rows for 18" depth. The lining in shopping bag should be a heavy cretonne, muslin, drill or sail cloth if for heavy loads, to avoid distortion and stretching. Stripes may be widened; or be narrow bands of color in any combination desired.

Bag Pattern