Dutch Boy and Girl Rug Pattern

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Dutch Boy and Girl Rug Pattern

An interesting combination of simple stitches that form into rectangular shaped puffs. From the directions given, designs are formed into interesting rugs, mats for the table, chair seats, hot pot holders, hot plate mats, etc. Crocheted of Enterprise Yarn it makes firm, heavy rugs or mats that will last for years.

Each square on the chart is a Puff Stitch—symbols indicate the colors in Enterprise Yarn that form the stripes and designs. Nursery Rhymes or Comic Characters may be copied—traced onto the kind of cross section paper used by high school students. Simple cross stitch embroidery motifs work up into beautiful rugs and mats in Puff Stitch.

Measurements and Materials:
Firmly crocheted—30 Puffs = 1 foot (5 Puffs = 2 inches).
25 rows of Puffs = 1 foot. (Approximately 2 rows = 1 inch.)
Each square foot of crochet—(approximately 750 Puffs) will require approximately 2¼—125-yard balls of Enterprise Yarn (about 330 Puffs to the ball).

Puff Stitch Crochet follows the same procedure, row after row, to make any article. It is only necessary to change colors to insert the pattern at the point shown in the chart. Colors needed to work back in the next row should be dropped and left hanging when starting a new color for the design. As many as 3 or 4 balls, hanging, can be handled without confusion, possibly more. Break thread and rejoin if more are needed.

This Dutch Boy and Girl crocheted in Puff Stitch in the many colors shown is simple to do. For a rug in Kitchen, Bath or Bedroom the background color may be varied to match the room color scheme. It is 52 Puffs wide by 90 Puffs long (approximately 21" x 43").

This design, dainty enough for cross stitch embroidery as a towel end, crochets into a beautiful rug. It shows how cross stitch embroidery patterns may be adapted to Puff Stitch. End stripes are pictured here, are not in color chart, shows how design can be rearranged to suit individual ideas. Takes 11 balls for background (color 282 Light Blue in the original) and one ball each of the colors for the design—204 White, 228 Red, 238 Green, 253 Brown, 262 Gold, 270 Tearose, 286 Dark Blue, (2 balls Dk. Blue if stripes are made), 292 Rose, and 299 Black.

Follow the cross section layout, which shows each puff stitch in each row, by color symbols for the balance of the rug.

Dutch Boy and Girl Rug Pattern