Pram Cover Pattern #5158

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Pram Cover Pattern #5158

Approximately 29 x 38 inches Including Fringe

Clark's O.N.T. Rug and Afghan Hook size G.

GAUGE: 4 h dc make 1 inch; 2 rows make 1 inch (each chevron measures about 3½ inches between points).

   Starting at one narrow end, make a chain 40 inches long (4 ch sts to an inch). 1st row: H dc in 3rd ch from hook, and in next 6 ch, * 3 h dc in next ch, h dc in next 7 ch (1 chevron completed), skip 2 ch, h dc in next 7 ch. Repeat from * across, until 7 chevrons in all are made. Ch 2, turn. Hereafter pick up only back loop of each h dc. 2nd row: Skip 1st h dc, * h dc in next 6 h dc and in 1st st of 3-h dc group, 3 h dc in next st, h dc in next 7 sts, skip 2 sts. Repeat from * across, ending with 3 h dc in next st, h dc in next 6 sts, skip 1 st, h dc in next st. Ch 2, turn. Repeat the 2nd row until piece measures 34 inches. Fasten off.

FRINGE … Cut 6-inch strands of yarn. Double each strand, forming a loop. Insert hook in any st at starting edge (foundation chain), and draw loop through; then draw loose ends of strand through loop and pull tightly. Make a fringe in every st across this side and continue making fringe closely all around outer edges. Trim fringe to measure 2 inches.