Picture Pretty Collar Pattern #2536

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Picture Pretty Collar Pattern #2536


Small Ball:
Clark's O.N.T. or J. & P. Coats—1 ball of White, Ecru or any color.
Milward's Steel Crochet Hook No. 12.
1½ yards of black velvet ribbon.

MOTIFS (Make 6) … Starting at center, wind thread 15 times around a pencil. Slip ring from pencil. 1st rnd: 30 s c in ring. Join with sl st to 1st s c made. 2nd rnd: Ch 4 (to count as tr), * tr in next 4 s c; in next s c make tr, ch 3 and tr. Repeat from * around, ending with tr in same place as 1st ch-4, ch 3, sl st in top of ch-4. 3rd rnd: Ch 4, tr in next 5 tr, hold­ing back on hook the last loop of each tr, thread over and draw through all loops on hook (a cluster made); * ch 7, s c in sp, ch 7, tr in next 6 tr, holding back on hook the last loop of each tr and complete a cluster as before. Repeat from * around, joining last ch-7 to tip of 1st cluster. 4th rnd: * 6 s c in next loop, ch 5, 6 s c in next loop, s c in tip of cluster. Repeat from * around. Join with sl st to 1st s c made. 5th rnd: S c in same place as sl st, s c in next 5 s c, * 7 s c in ch-5 loop, s c in next 13 s c. Repeat from * around. Join. 6th rnd: * Ch 7, skip 1 s c, s c in next s c. Repeat from * around. 7th to 10th rnds incl: * Ch 7, s c in next loop. Repeat from * around. Fasten off.

FINISHING … Shape ribbon to fit neckline by making tiny darts (⅛ inch) along one edge of ribbon. Make a dart in exact center and 3 darts on both sides of center, having 2¼ inches between darts. Tack motifs between darts. Tie ribbon in bow at back of neck.