Good Fishing Motif Pattern #9191

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Good Fishing Motif Pattern


A towel and a face cloth.

Entire design is made by sewing twisted cord to background.

CORD FOR FISH … Cut two 1-yard strands of Pearl Cotton. Twist strands tightly; then double the twisted strands and give them a second twist in the opposite direction. Knot open end to prevent raveling. Make 2 more cords like this. Lay cords aside. For waves, make a similar cord cutting strands 30 inches long.

CORD FOR EDGING … For face cloth make a cord of four 4½-yard strands. Knot open end. For towel make cord of four 2½-yard strands. Knot open end.
   Trace diagram of fish onto 3 indi­vidual pieces of transparent paper. Pin tracings securely onto background—2 on towel and 1 on face cloth—so that fish are properly placed (see illustra­tion). With matching sewing thread, sew cord (through paper) along out­line of fish, starting at tail end with unknotted end of cord and concealing stitches in twist of cord. When entire fish has been outlined with cord, cut away free end, allowing 2 inches excess. Untwist this excess end and, with a fine crochet hook, pull strands of cord individually through fabric to wrong side. Sew these ends in place, and trim. Tear paper away carefully. Embroider French knots for eyes, using black thread. Cut cord for waves in half and sew in place as in illustration, finishing ends as before.
   Sew edging cord for towel to lower edge of towel, curling into circles as illustrated. Turn end to wrong side, and sew in place (cut away excess).
   Sew other edging cord all around face cloth, just within edge of fabric, curling into a circle at decorated corner. Overlap ends and sew them securely (cut away excess).

Good Fishing Motif Pattern