Pillow Case in Crocheted Cut Work Pattern #13

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Pillow Case in Crocheted Cut Work Pattern

DAISY Mercerized Crochet Cotton size 30.
1-skein each No. 23S Shd. Roses and No. 21S Shd. Greens.
Steel crochet hook No. 13.
A pair of white pillow cases.

BORDERFlower—With Shd. Greens, ch 8, join with sl st to form ring. ROW 1—Ch 1, 12 sc in ring, join with sl st in back lp of 1st sc. ROW 2—* Ch 4, 5 dc in same sc, remove hook, insert it back in ch preceding these 5 dc, catch lp and draw thru (popcorn st made), ch 3, sl st in same sc with pc st, sl st in back lp of next 2 sc. Repeat from * around (6 pc sts). Join and fasten off. ROW 3—Join Shd. Roses between any 2 pc sts, ch 11, * dtr in back lp of next pc st, ch 8, dtr in same place, ch 6, tr in next sc between pc sts, ch 6 and repeat from * around (6 petals). Join final ch-6 to 5th st of ch-11. ROW 4—3 sc, 2 hdc and 3 dc in next ch-6 sp, * 3 dc in next sp, ch 5, sl st in last dc for a p, (3 dc, a p) twice in same sp, 3 dc in bal. of same sp, 3 dc, 2 hdc and 3 sc in next sp, 3 sc in 1st sp on next petal, sl st back in 3d st up previous petal, 2 hdc and 3 dc back in same sp on 2d petal. Repeat from * around, join and fasten off. Tack 1st and 6th petals tog. by 3d st up side of each.

Leaf—With Shd. Greens, ch 8, tr in 8th ch from hook, ch 7, sl st in same st. ROW 2—Sc in next ch-7 lp, ch 6, tr in same lp, (ch 6, dtr) twice in same lp, ch 6, tr tr in next tr, (ch 6, dtr) twice in next ch-7 lp, ch 6, tr in same lp, ch 6, sc in left end of same lp. ROW 3—* Sc in next ch-6 sp, (ch 1, 3 dc, ch 1, sc) twice in same sp. * Re­peat from * to * 3 times. Ch 1, 2 dc in 1 lp of next tr tr, ch 3, sl st in last dc for a p, dc in same tr tr, ch 1 and repeat from * to * 4 times. Ch 10 for a stem, sk 1 ch, sl st in next 9 ch, join to next sc on leaf. Fasten off. Rip out hem of pillow case, press out creases. Tack stems of 3 leaves to 1 petal of a flower. Tack leaves tog. where they touch and to next petal on each side of flower. Pin these groups around pillow case with a flower be­tween groups as in illustration. Baste motifs in place, then hem down inner edge of Border. Cut cloth ¼ inch from stitching, turn edge back against cro­chet and hem down on back of edge of motif. Steam and press dry on back thru a cloth.