Doll's Dress Pattern #5191B

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Doll's Dress Pattern #5191B

16-18-20-inch Doll


J. & P. COATS KNIT-CRO-SHEEN, 1 ball of White or any color.

Steel crochet hooks No. 7 and No. 2.

1  yard narrow velvet ribbon.

GAUGE: 2 shells make 1½ inches; 4 rows of shells make 1½ inches.

Starting at neck with No. 7 hook, ch 65 to measure 9 inches. 1st row: 5 tr in 7th ch from hook, * skip 2 ch, in next ch make tr, ch 2 and tr, skip 2 ch, 5 tr in next ch. Repeat from * across, ending with skip 2 ch, tr in last ch. Ch 8, turn. 2nd row: * Holding back last loop of each tr on hook make tr in 5 tr, thread over and draw through all loops on hook (cluster), ch 9, sc in next ch-2 sp, ch 8. Repeat from * across, ending with cluster, ch 2, tr in top st of turning ch. Ch 2, turn. 3rd row: 3 h dc in ch-2 sp, make 5 h dc in each loop and 3 h dc in last sp. Change to No. 2 hook, ch 4, turn. 4th row: Work only in the back half of dc's, skip 1st st, (in next st make 3 dc with ch-1 between—shell made—skip 2 sts) 11 times; (shell in next st, skip 1 st) 18 times; (shell in next st, skip 2 sts) 11 times; shell in next st, skip 1 st, dc in next st (41 shells), ch 4, turn. 5th row: Shell in center ch-1 of each shell across. Ch 4, turn. Repeat 5th row until there are 6 rows of shells completed in all. Next row: Work across 7 shells, skip next 7 shells (sleeve), work across next 13 shells, skip next 7 shells (other sleeve), work across remaining 7 shells. Work straight over these 27 shells until piece measures 6 inches from bottom of yoke or length desired. Fasten off.

LEFT SLEEVE ... Attach thread at left underarm and with No. 2 hook work 2 rows of shells same as skirt. Change to No. 7 hook and work sc around, holding in to fit. Work 2 more rows of sc. Fasten off. Sew sleeve seam.

RIGHT SLEEVE ... Attach thread and work to correspond with Left Sleeve. Sew back edges of skirt together for 4 inches starting at bottom. Work a row of sc along back opening. Then work beading along opposite side of foundation ch as follows: Ch 2, h dc in next ch, * ch 2, 2 h dc in base of 5-tr group, ch 2, 2 h dc in base of 2-tr group. Repeat from * across. Fasten off. Run ribbon through beading at neck.