Add-A-Square Mittens

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Materials Required:
3 ounces National Blue (all sizes)
1 ounce White (all sizes) or colors of your choice.
Plastic Crochet Hook Size H
Motifs for large size measures 4 inches
Motifs for small size measures 3 inches


SQUARE MOTIF: (make 2) With Na­tional Blue ch 4, 11 d c in 4th st from hook, join in 3rd st of ch.
2nd ROUND: Ch 3, 4 d c in same space, 1 d c in each of the next 2 d c, * 5 d c in next d c, 1 d c in each of the next 2 d c, repeat from * all around. 3rd ROUND: Ch 3, d c in next d c, * 5 d c in next d c, 1 d c in each of the next 6 d c, repeat from * all around ending to correspond, join, cut yarn. SHAPED MOTIF: (Make 2) Work 1st and 2nd rounds same as motif. 3rd ROUND: Ch 3, 1 d c in each of the next 8 d c, 5 d c in next d c, 1 d c in each of the next 6 d c, 5 d c in next d c, 1 d c in each remaining d c, join, cut yarn.
TO JOIN MOTIFS: With right side of last round of motifs toward you, working through back loop of sts sew straight edge of 1 shaped motif to any edge of square motif.
THUMB GUSSET: With National Blue ch 2, 3 s c in 1st st of ch, ch 1 to turn all rows. 2nd ROW: 1 s c each s c. 3rd ROW: Working in s c inc 1 s c at beg and end of row. 4th ROW: 1 s c in each s c. 5th and 6th ROWS: Repeat 3rd row. NEXT 6 ROWS: 1 s c in each s c, join and turn each row. NEXT ROW: Working in s c dec 4 sts evenly spaced (to dec: insert hook in st, pull loop through, insert in next st, pull loop through, yarn over and work off all loops at one time). Cut yarn leaving an end, draw through sts and fasten securely.
FINISHING: Place wrong side of motif sections together with curved edges match­ing (top of mitten). Attach White in cor­ner sts of square motifs. Working through back thicknesses around top of mit­ten and in back loop of sts only, work 1 s c in each d c and in each joining to 3rd d c after joining at opposite side. Working through top motif only work 1 s c in each of the next 6 d c (thumb open­ing), working through both motifs and corresponding sts, 1 s c in each of the next 4 d c, cut yarn. With White work 1 s c in each d c on opposite side of thumb opening. Sew thumb gusset in position leaving White edges free.
Working around wrist, with National Blue work 26 s c, join, do not turn. 2nd ROW: Ch 3, skip 1 s c, s d c in next st (s d c: yarn over hook, insert in s c, pull loop through, yarn over and pull through all loops at one time), * ch 1, skip next s c, s d c in next s c, repeat from * all around, ch 1, join in 2nd st of ch, cut yarn (bead­ing). 3rd ROUND: Attach White and work 1 s c in each s d c and over each ch 1, join, cut yarn.
TIE: Work a chain about 17 inches long or length desired, turn and work a sl st in each st of ch, cut yarn. Lace through bead­ing and sew a pompon to each end.
POMPON: (Make 2) Wind White 30 times over a 2 inch cardboard. Remove from cardboard, tie in center. Trim into shape.
Work other mitten in same manner.


Work mitten same as large size but ch 3 at beg of 1st round, ch 2 at beg of all other rounds and work in s d c instead of d c. THUMB GUSSET: Work in same man­ner as gusset for large size but work 3 rows even instead of 6 rows. Finish same as large mitten.

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