Children's Crocheted Mittens

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Materials Required:
2 ounces (all sizes) Peacock or color of your choice.

GAUGE: 1 s c and ch 1 = ½ inch

Directions are given for Small size. Changes for Medium and Large sizes are given in parentheses.

Ch 20 (24, 28) and work 4 (5, 6) rows same as Ladies' Crocheted Mittens.
NEXT ROW: Working in pattern inc 1 pattern in the 5th and 6th (6th and 7th; 7th and 8th) st. NEXT ROW: Work even for all sizes. NEXT ROW: Inc 1 pattern in the 5th (6th, 7th) st from each end. NEXT ROW: Work 1 s c with ch 1 between in the 1st 5 (6, 7) s c, skip 4 s c (all sizes), work 1 s c with ch 1 between in the last 5 (6, 7) sc. Work 5 (8, 9) rows even in pattern.
NEXT ROW: Dec 1 s c, work across next 2 (3, 4) s c, dec 1 s c, work across next 2 (3, 4) s c, dec 1 s c (to dec 1 s c: insert hook in st, pull yarn through, * insert hook in next st, pull yarn through, yarn over hook and pull through all loops at one time; to dec 2 s c: repeat from * once). NEXT ROW: Dec 1 s c at beg and end of row, dec 2 s c in center of row (all sizes), cut yarn leaving a length for sewing. Sew top and side seam. THUMB: Attach yarn at base. For Small Size: work in pattern over 4 s c; for Medium and Large Sizes: 1 s c in same space, then work in pattern over the 4 s c, join and turn each round for all sizes. There are 4 (5, 5) s c for thumb. Work 3 (4, 5) rounds even. NEXT ROUND: 1 s c in each s c omitting the ch 1 (all sizes), cut yarn leaving a length. Draw length through sts, fasten securely.
CUFF: Join yarn in seam st, work 1 s c, ch 1, 1 s c in same space, * ch 1, 1 s c, ch 1, 1 s c in next s c, repeat from * all around, join and turn each round. Work 2 (3,3) rounds even, cut yarn.
TIE: Work a ch 12 ( 14, 14) inches long, work 1 sl st in each st of ch, cut yarn. Lace through ch 1 spaces of 1st round of cuff.
POMPON: Wind yarn 30 (30, 40) times over a 2 inch cardboard, slip off cardboard, tie in center, cut both ends. Trim into shape. Attach to each end of tie.

Other great patterns from Socks Socks Socks and Mittens, Too, Book No. 169.

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